Soap and Water v0.1.4

Welcome to the Bath House Warlock! Remember the rules, no running near the pools, soap should not be used as lube, and wipe down any benches you fornicate on! This update is another massive one as new content comes rolling in. We are also going to be adjusting our pricing based on community feedback, as of today the price will drop to $7.99 USD from $14.99 USD. We hope you all spread the word about Elewder and help us grow!

The content in this build is focused entirely on the Bath House area, formally the Water Zone this has a distinctly Roman vibe to the minion and environment designs.

Along with the area theming, we have 5 new minions that make up the area.

From left to right:

  • Centurion: She uses her power to send powerful sword projectiles at you in groups of three. Dodge the best you can!
  • Gladiator: An arena combat specialist, she uses her special net weapon to lock you in place. When you can’t move you’ll be a sitting duck to all attacks!
  • Hoplite: Trained to fight behind a shield the Hoplite can only be damaged from the sides and behind. Do everything you can to get behind them!
  • Maiden: Magical creatures who’ve been captured and used as servants in the Bath House. They control the power to launch water traps around the room.
  • Zealot: Cleaning patrons with her skills, she can also lob bouncing orbs of water around the room.

We have also taken steps to finalize the entire Elewder soundtrack, the OST includes 18 total tracks. Each region has an exploration track, a combat track, and a boss theme. Along with the player area music and the miniboss theme. Plus one bonus track for the trailer music. Most of these should already be in the game along with the new music delivery system!

Version 0.1.4 Changelog:

- Added new music:

  • Player room
  • Bath House - exploration, combat, boss
  • Bordello - exploration, combat, boss
  • Menagerie - exploration, combat, boss
  • Foundry - exploration, combat, boss

- Fixed dynamic music system.
- Added new items:

  • Break-out bag - gives some gold, key, and bomb on pickup
  • Unrequited Love - heals 0.5heart on a finisher
  • EtherealPoison - deals 1 damage every 3s. More stacks faster tick
  • Infernal Incense - Temporary Damage On Kill
  • Inchastity Belt - Decrease lust penalty when getting hit
  • Alchemist's Boon - Chance for AOE damage on hit
  • Sound Advice - Chance To Spawn Half Heart On Crit
  • Dubious Distillation - Chance To Fire Magic Missile
  • Amusing Anecdote - Chance To Spawn Key On Getting Hit
  • Dangerous Notion - Temporary Fire Rate On Crit
  • Daemon's Skull - Temporary Fire Rate On Exploration

- Added new environment art for Bath House.
- Added 5 new unique Bath House Minions:

  • Zealot
  • Maiden
  • Hoplite
  • Gladiator
  • Centurion

- Added new animations:

  • 2 Finishers
  • 2 Boss finishers
  • 2 Failure animations
  • 2 Boss failure animations

- Added Big failure animations to the gallery.
- Added auto finish to the minigame.

Thank you all very much for being patient with us as we build Elewder to be the best dang game we can make it.


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Apr 06, 2022

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is this futanari protagonist?

yes one of the characters is futa.

not the question they asked? they asked if the main character is one.

There are two playable characters - the default is male, the unlockable one is a herm with no balls.