Soul Stiffening v0.1.6

Greetings Warlocks! Welcome to a massive CHUNKY huge update patch for Elewder aka version 0.1.6. This update boasts the most amount of content we have ever released in a patch for this game, a whole new region design, 5 new minions, character upgrade mechanics, new NPCs, and so much more! 

 Y’all ready to bust? Lessgo! 

 The Bordello is the area we overhauled this patch, which is the final of the five total locations needing unique content, theming, and music. It is after all the big bad bosses area and will always be the last location players will visit during their runs.

The theme itself is a sexy Bordello, laden with pillows, velvet curtains, pink neon, and cold stones. The Bordello is home to five unique minions aiming to take you down!

From left to right we have:

  • Executioner: This minion is known for taking heads, since you’ll likely outspeed her she throws her ax to make up the distance. Don’t get caught off guard! 
  • Judge: Ready to sentence you for acts of debauchery, her attack summons three gavels that slam into the ground and explode.
  • Jury: A masked minion seeking out the perfect way to dispose of you. She summons three powerful crystals she will throw at you. Dodge well.
  • Warden: A minion perfect for capturing escapees. She will throw her manacles at you, stunning you for a few seconds and allowing her allies to attack you.
  • Fallen Nun: No one is safe from the temptation of lust, heaven included. This fallen Nun is proof of that, using her tainted aura to heal her allies and hurt her enemies.

The second part of our update is the Soul Smith NPC we have added to the game. Some of our players might have seen her floating around in the game as a unique combat room previously, but now her final form has been activated! The Soul Smith is a player upgrade station found within the player starting room which allows access to permanent upgrades that will function across all unlocked characters.

Simply burn essence at the Soul Smithery to improve every aspect of your character. Her functionality will be upgraded in later patches, including adding additional tiers to the unlock paths and Character Specific upgrade nodes.

While not available right now, in the future you will need to unlock additional tiers by beating the Soul Smith in the labyrinth after she approves of your progress. Oh and some of these are really powerful upgrades, enjoy experimenting!

Other notable fixes include:

  • Finisher Minigame Upgrades: Added UX to give the player feedback on what happens when they skip, when they play, and as they unlock new treasures. Also now instead of dropping items on the floor finishers will drop treasure chests making them far more rewarding. Minions will drop up to three chests at once depending on their aura level.
  • New Intimacy Camera Control: Now players can swivel the camera around, allowing players to see more than they could before.
  • Added Damage Numbers: To avoid player confusion on item benefits player attacks will now display damage numbers including crits!

Version 0.1.6 Changelog:

  • Added new area “The Bordello”
  • Added 5 new unique minions: Executioner, Judge, Jury, Warden, Fallen Nun
  • Added Soul Smithery upgrade system
  • Added Soul Tier challenge level one
  • Changed the finisher system to drop chests instead of random loot
  • Improve the finisher system reward readability
  • Added color coding to doors leading to special rooms for treasure, shop, or boss
  • Tweaked gold and essence balance
  • Reworked player area level design and light effects
  • Improve light on some levels
  • Added a gallery unlock system
  • Improved feeling of the finisher mini-game
  • Added Damage numbers on player attacks hitting enemies
  • Add slight camera rotation control to finishers
  • Fixed Eternal Poison applying to player bug
  • Fixed Chimera's Heart not adding hearts bug
  • Fixed Maiden's First Kiss to no longer recover full HP on pickup
  • Fixed bug with disappearing models in finisher scenes

Our next patches will focus on narrative, plot, new room types, and other assorted things. More information on that soon, but for now, enjoy the new patch!

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Jul 19, 2022

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