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Answer the call of the wild with Sapphire Safari an open-world Photography Adventure Game! Capture the beauty of real-life Monster Girls in their natural habitats. As a wildlife photographer, your job is to venture deep into unexplored territories, capture the Monster Girls as they socialize, hunt, sleep, mate, and hopefully come out in one piece.

The Sapphire Islands were mysteriously discovered, and a team of daring scientists and explorers was sent in to uncover its secrets. The lure of a virgin Archipelago to explore, teeming with unique wildlife, an amazing discovery! Who wouldn't be excited to chase this opportunity? A month passes, and the First Team has lost contact with the home base. Take on the role of a wildlife photographer, seeking glory, and fame! Follow the tracks of the First Team to discover their fate, while documenting the islands in all their splendor!

- Explore five fully realized environments, teeming with Monster Girls.
- A full complement of voice acting by industry professionals.
- Explore many unique locations and capture/catalog the wildlife on display.
- Bond with the Monster Girls in their unique environments, and experience new sensations!
- Unlock special photography sessions with all the Monster Girls, and capture perfect pinups!


Updated 5 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(83 total ratings)
AuthorKinky Fridays
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Adult, Eroge, Erotic, Furry, futa, futanari, NSFW, Open World, sex
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
LinksSteam, Patreon, Steam, Patreon


Buy Now
On Sale!
25% Off
$19.99 $14.99 USD or more

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Is there a reason why the game is available here, but not on Steam (even as an Early Access title)?

Simply because we want to develop it more before launching on steam.

Will game developers,animators,artists and people from all the corners of the world emigrate from Twitter to another social media to save their progress?


Sorry,I accidentally replied this.

Don't worry,everything is fine.

Hi Kinky Fridays,have you checked out what is happening on Twitter?

You're going to have to be more specific.

Huh ok,I thought things were going in great problems.

Not sure I am following what you're talking about mate.

Yes,mating is useful for the majority of hentai games are developing.

The most worrying thing is it's something that interconnects Twitter API Changes with game development in general.

Is it true?

I mean... We don't use the twitter api for anything at the moment. So I do not see how it will change anything for us...

Hi, just wondering when the game will release on steam? I thought I saw an April 2023 release date, but it disapered.

We are hoping sometime in q3 this year but it all depends on progress. The last release date was a steam error with their new release date system that has now been cleared up.

to update do i just copy over the new version and let it overrwrite?

Delete the old game folder, and make a new one for the latest version. it's not a patch, it's entirely self-contained. Your save data is stored elsewhere on the PC so it won't be affected.

iv already buyed the game in the pass why is it making me buy it again?

It shouldn't, check you itch library.

(1 edit)

excuse me but just curious is your is your goal to put in as many species of animals into this game as and you can how strong will the girls be

Yeah we will put in as many as we feel the environments will handle. As for strength do you mean something like physical strength? There are some buff gals in the game as well as meek ones.

(1 edit)

i don't mean to sound rude but how many islands are you guys planning. is there gonna be animals like bears, wolfs, squirrels, fishes and birds etc. into this game. just asking. by the way your game looks amazing

why is the only buy option with credit card? i don't have one and use paypal.


We don't use PayPal as they ban and steal from adult game developers. And yes some have it but it is strictly against their TOS and if enough sales happen for a game they will look into and ban those sellers.

ohh. that sucks

we found a way to implement it. so you should be good.

awesome. thanks :D

Is this a VR game, and/or can it be played without a VR Headset?

Not a VR game. It won't have any functions with a VR headset.

Can we expect futa on male content? Sorry if this has been asked before.

If you pick the male player, then yes.

how do i get the sex scenes

you can access them using the follower commands on your watch.


Will you consider an Android version?


If it could work. It's a little too complicated for Android without reducing it a lot. So I don't think we can.


Oh sorry, my browser automatically translated what I wanted to send, please let me send it again.

I'm from China, because of the law, I can't buy it now, is there another way to buy it?(Because my English is not good, so this is Google Translate, please forgive me)

If you cannot purchase here you'll need to wait for the game to appear on another store like steam or nutaku.

How do I launch it on linux?


Why there is no button for paypal actually? I really want to buy it but how :(

We are banned on Paypal so unless we have a functioning account Itch won't display Paypal as a payment option for customers.

In case you were wonder as to why we were banned, Paypal does not like adult products to be sold using their services, so they banned us as froze all the money in the account. Good times.

(1 edit)

Hello, Would like to purchase.  On your Stripe account that you are using for payments, have you enabled local payment options?  If not will have to find another way to buy as neither of my cards will work otherwise.

Not sure I understand. We are based in Poland so that is our local.

can i play as a futa?

Not right now. Jamie won't be a futa character, but you'll be able to find attachments for her later in the game.

If i buy the game, how do i install it, is it a key on steam ?


Just download the zip, export it onto your PC, and run the exe. No steam key.

Is this just the demo or does buying this give you access to futher updates and eventually the full game?

You'll get the full game and all post release updates.

Awesome, this is gonna be an amazing purchase

Glad you think so! We are working hard on it every month to make sure it grows into the game we see in our minds!


That SCP-1471 got me having flashbacks


She does that to people.


Yeah, she got me Whispering for nothing.

will you make a demo?

Eventually yes. It's a little too early for a demo right now.

Is there a specific water area where the girls are driving and drinking? Also, is there an area where the girls are searching or falling? 

Any water area they will drink from, the AI is just not fully switched on. The searching and falling are reactions to the players presence, they will likely not be apart of the monpedia after a few more patches.

I really love the game.Is there much text in the game?Any plans about  adding other languages?

Not much text at the moment. Once we get to the narrative elements there will be. As for other languages we will start with machine translation and go from there.

is there no paypal option for payment yet?


Correct, we are banned on Paypal for making porn. Which is against their TOS.


This may sound silly but I'm not really too familiar with itch. If I purchase this will I receive any new updates for free?


Yes. All patches and post release stuff.

Will there be an Android version

I doubt it. We would need a massive rebuild to make it fit and work.

this game is for vr ?

No VR support.

how does the sex work? is it just select animations and watch?

They are controllable atm, not sure if it will stay that way forever.


Pokemon but better since the world is your pokeball

one of my most awaited game so far

can I somehow transfer this purchase of the game to the steam version when it is there, I liked the game and it seems like on release should come out very well, but this situation with steam ...

Not really, we consider steam and Itch to be different stores.

Я не смогу перенести эту покупку с помощью Steam?

Deleted 3 days ago

You'll have to go through Itch support to get that done. Keep in mind the game is still in early development and I would urge everyone to only purchase the game once they feel it is worth their money.

If I purchase this game here will I get a steam code for when it comes out there?

Sorry but no. Steam and Itch are two different store fronts. If you'd want a Steam copy please purchase there once it's released there.

I see it's been mentioned that there's a Steam API integration planned for sharing photos, but is there a way (or a planned way) to simply take the photos from the files directly? It feels excessive to require unpacking the entirety of a photography game (if that's even possible for an end-user) just for a photo :P


Right now the photos are put into a folder in the game directory so you can just copy em. No need to unpack.

(2 edits)

I found it! But, it was in the local AppData directory, not where I downloaded the game (maybe that's what you meant, I went on a goose chase, anyways). Cool to have em, regardless!


Sorry yes, that is what I meant to say. Glad you found it! You should post some of your photos here, would love to see what you took!

Hey, Loving the game so far, I've gone through photographing everything I can, and I'm quite proud of some of the shots I've taken, whether or not it's recognised as the right scenarios yet. I'd like to ask if in future there will be a futa main character, or perhaps female on female positions (or maybe even an option to ask your friend on the boat to come to shore) if not no worries. I love the scenery, casually asking several monster girls to follow me and the photos skully saves to your camera (I wish I could keep those).

Hey there, glad you like the very early version of our game! Plenty more to come that is for sure!

- No plans for a naturally futa main character, you will be able to 'equip' Jamie with the goods later if you want.
- Female on Female is planned, we need to build the animations for everything, it takes time, and it's not a standard development pipeline.
- Other characters come to the islands as well, just not in the early game. Basically the other character you don't pick becomes a NPC in the game that gives quests and such.

Hope you stick around for the next patch!

hello, can i have a tutorial for this game 

Hi there, the tutorial will be in the game once we have everything in place. For now.

Mouse wheel to zoom

Alt+mouse wheel for focus

Tab for the in game menu

F for creature interaction 

Figured I'd throw a few bucks at this since I like the concept. Not too much to see so far but I like what's there. Can't wait to see how this game turns out!

Thank you for the support!

I bought and downloaded it and now it is giving me the message "The procedure point CreateFile2 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll." and i've downloaded the app in extra's like the note says and updated my gpu driver what do you suggest i do now?

Never seen that error before... Are you on Linux?

no im on windows

Can you post your hardware configuration? 

Then update your gpu drivers. And try running either one of the .bat files in the main directory.

Let me know how it goes.

i try to open them then they open for a split second then close and im going to guess that is not supposed to happen

What about your driver's?

The game won't allow me to pay for it by card (I've checked and have enough money to buy the game, and my card has worked on other purchases on Itch) do you plan to add a paypal option, or can you help me with my issue?

its because it is located in Poland and you just have to call your debit card company and say you tried to make a purchase then you can buy it. it happened to me

Is that really the issue?

idk but thats what happened to m

is it possible to hide better? i've tried using foliage and crouching and hiding behind trees but it triggers fleeing and makes it difficult to get certain pictures like drinking and what not. plus is there anything past fearful? i filled up a bar but nothing happened with that

The familiarity is not fully turned on atm tech wise. So that update will come soon. We will add more stealth options in the game to better support the peeping Tom gameplay. But the girls are using their eyes and ears to find you. Maybe a little too well.


Can Futa be optionally disabled?


Yes. Its in the options menu.

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