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Will there be a difference between the steam and versions?  


None at all. Outside of maybe like, steamworks integration for achievements of steam cards.

if I buy it once and you update it will I still be able to download the game or I will have to buy it again.

You are able to download the game again if there has been an update. You don't need to buy the game again.

You purchase at any time, you get all future updates and content.

only take a picture now?


You can bang the girls on the beach as well, we are building a new system atm, will report back here once its ready to show off!

are you planning on Updating the game? Its still v.0.0.3 here

Yes, we are building a better interaction system at the moment. It will take a little longer as after that we need to update the model skeletons and rigs.


Will there be guy on guy too?


If you mean male x futa then yes. We don't have male monsters in the game or plan to have them.


will there be foot fetish? vore or watersports stuff


Feet stuff yeah, pee stuff naw. Unless you mean banging underwater then very likely yes.


impreg stuff?


Probs not. Cos. Yeah I dunno.

pokemon furry?


What's a pokemon? -_-

hi will there be frottage scenes?

I dunno maybe, we are building the reworked sex content at the moment, we can add it to the list and see how it feels.

My inputs are messed up W and D aren't working. Is there a way to change add these somewhere?

Are you saying that your keys for W and D are not functioning? The build is quite early right now so we have not prioritized the options and configurations yet since they were causing issues in the previous build.

when is the game coming on Steam

Arr, when she be done boyo!

Alright Thx

Will there be an update soon? :)

Hey so we are building a new interaction system tech base first before we go back to making content for Sapphire, it should be done in Feb maybe and we will be bringing it to the game here for great results.

Sounds great!


are you just able to travel around the beach in this Alpha??


Correct, we are focusing right now on building the interaction system we want for the game first, its possible interactions are getting quite long. After that is done we will be rebuilding the landmass along with pushing the content into the new system and focusing on building the core gameplay loop and exploration methods. Lots to come.

Deleted 2 years ago

Anything is possible, I don't really have a plan for it. Futa is tied into the game mechanics so unless we find an elegant solution for that without stripping the game of mechanics, the answer will be a no.


Any chance of a short demo version? My PC is very unreliable and I'd like to benchmark it to make sure it runs at a decent frame rate.


No demo yet, we hope to have something for the game once our new face tech systems are built.


I finally found this game, Apparently "3D monster hentai game with camera" wasn't a good Google search

Haha, where did you first see the game btw? I am curious how you found it without the logo on whatever you were looking at.

I saw the game here but it was a long time ago, I just remembered the game's trailer and not the game's name

Ah okay, that makes sense, well hope you enjoy the content so far, plenty more to come.


If we buy on itch will we get a steam key when it comes out on that platform?


No, the stores are different. If you would like a steam key it'd be best to wait for the release over there.


why you only accept credit card payment?

Is there a way to use paypal?


As a developer, we are not allowed to use PayPal. We will need to start another bundle for Paypal to appear as a purchase option.

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okay, thank you for the fast responds, i wish you goodluck

how will the steam version be? will there be any restrictions?


Unless steam tells us to change things, it will be the same version that is on Itch.


I missed the bundel sale to be able to pay with paypal and Steam locked the game in my region too. Is there any bundel release in the future? 


Yes, there will be! Be sure to join our discord for updates as that is the most reliable way to get information.

How do I get it to open I bought the early access and it won't let me open it after I download i

It is zipped, so you just need to pull all the contents out of the zip and then run the exe.

Is EA coming to steam as well as i have it wished on there. just prefer it on the quick delete/download list vs the hard drive i put most of itch on.

We will release in early access once we have about 80% of the game done. So sometime next year.

how do I swap from girl to guy?

this will be a feature in a future build. For now we just have one playable character model.


I don't know what happened, but WASD stopped working.

I replied to the other post you made, but we need more information on the bug.

I like the aesthetic, but the game runs poorly and is badly optimized. I ran it at low graphics and I still only managed 10-15 fps. That is about my only complaint. And yes, I can run modern games with few issues on this PC.


We are not claiming that the game is optimized at all right now, we still need to correct our lighting models, our AI cycles, how much vegetation can be seen, the dynamic nature of the models, everything like that needs to be corrected and fine tuned. It is a process and not something our very first alpha release will be capable of. Our goal is for a toaster to be able to run our game.

question when will the game come out just asking sorry to bother you i have it wish listed on steam and can't wait it looks so good! 

We have a bunch more we need to do with the game, likely nearing q3 next year.

sounds awesome!

When the Mc was a Man and you could  fuck all the Girls that would be nice ^^


Character creation is a feature that will be added later. The current model can be swapped already to be male.

And what is about too fuck the girls ? Is this in the next update possible ?


Yes, that is what the next update will be featuring as a major focus. Before this we had a working inverse kinematics system, basically, this means you can grab the girls and move their bodies around as you like, you could enter a sex animation with them and then move them freely. However, it was a little awkward so we are simply refining it to be far more pleasant.

Here is how the system will be presented in the full game. You take on bounties from your employer who will ask things like "take a photo of the bunny monster doing this and doing that" once you have completed enough bounties, the bunny monster girl will become more familiar with you and allow you to get closer. Once close enough you can enter into play mode with her where you can do things like give head pats and give them gifts (maybe). If your familiar level is high enough and you play with them enough they will "present" themselves before you and you can begin having sex with them.

The whole petting and sex system are in the same mode, basically, when you enter it you lose control of your player and you get a kinda orbital camera on the girl, and you can rotate and inspect the girl. Your mouse then becomes your hand, and using the hand you can touch, pull, finger, rub, slap, different parts of their bodies as you like. You can also swap your mouse pointer to be other things like a tongue, penis (if you have one), or tools like dildos, feathers, whips, etc. With tools like dildos or penis you basically set them up on a hole, feet, breasts, hands, etc and you choose the speed at which they move along the spline course. We have some nice ripple tech in the game so things like breasts and butt cheeks will ripple and slap in a nice way. The biggest hurdle we are trying to overcome is that when you grab the girls right now any animations they have will stop, so our goal would be to get it to a state where you could set up a penis tool banging away on a lower hole (like the anus for example) then swivel the camera to the mouth and put a dildo in there and do the same thing, then you can play with the breasts as the animations of the monster girl getting railed plays out.

Finally, we want there to be a button you can hit to just cum, so any tools or penis's currently animating will then enter into a cum state and shoot dynamic ropes of cum inside and around the girl.

That is what we are working on, how does all that sound to you?

Fucking Awesome ^^ i love to see this and i  am happy to see the next update ^^

It might not fully be implemented in the next build, we will see how we go.

Out of curiosity, is there any plan for a "progressive" system with the sex acts?  As in, actions working toward a climax, either in yourself or the monster girl, or both.  Or is it to be more "have fun until you push the cum-button"?

For that matter, are the monster girls going to be able to climax at all, or is it just the player?

You will build-up to the final moment, and so will she, you both can independently climax or at the same time. She can also get frustrated if you do things wrong, or touch the wrong part. Also yes there is a progressive nature to the sex that is tied into the mechanics of the game aka the girls being more familiar with you leads to more intimate sex acts.

Is it better to purchase it here or on steam? As I'd rather purchase it and know it will continue to be the most recent version and be updated until it is finished.


Its currently not for sale on steam and it won't be until beta. But when we do get to that point both platforms will continue to receive all updates and patches.

 Thanks for the info. 👍

 Thanks for the info. 👍


kinda wondering when the next build version will be its kinda upsetting having to buy the alpha here just to have it have you blocked off from exploring and only let you take pictures and nothing else, 14.99 is kinda steep for that


What you've purchased is a preorder for the full game, we update the game once a month with new content so the next build is right around the corner. This will include a lot of fixes asked by the community and our petting/sex mechanics and systems which is a full IK system for moving and positioning the girls and playing with them however you like. This should come out sometime in the middle of October.

ah alright thank you , though once its fully released i may just end up rebuying it on steam , it may sound rather silly but its just easier to have the games i play even the nsfw ones all in one place, woulda been nice to have had the early access build available there as well like many other nsfw game developers do 

It will come once we get to the beta state of the game. Not before though.

ah fair enough

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$14.99 for a game to literally do nothing but take pictures of bootleg pokemon. I seriously regret spending money on this game. I could have spent that supporting a better game with actual content.

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yeah i kinda wish they had made it more clear what was in the game so far i get that it is an alpha build but they coulda added some scenes at least 


We did make it clear in the release post what was inside the build of the game as it currently stands. However, the next patch will be much larger and contain our sex mechanics.


it should also probably be put on the purchase description page what the current build holds as some may want to hold off on purchasing until more is added. 

Hello, what you've purchased is a preorder for the full game with access to the builds as they are released. We will release an update every month, the next patch will include a fully realized sex mechanic for petting and fucking the monster girls. This system is taking a bit to realize as we are using a full IK system for full interaction with the girls, this includes being able to maneuver their bodies to your liking, interact with every available orifice, and the new cum tech we are building. You can expect this sometime in October (likely around the middle).

need a little help with the controls, how do I interact with the computer?

So we have already fixed this in the next update, however, you need to point the mouse (which is invisible) at the computer and the "interact" text will show up. Then you hit "F". It should interact after that.

Thank you, I would advise for this to be noted in the help menu

Won't be a problem in the next patch.

Deleted 2 years ago

The appdata folder is normally hidden by windows. Try unhiding and you should see it. 

Deleted 2 years ago

Go to your C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\SapphireSafari_Fresh\Saved folder and delete everything in there. It should reset your preferences and your saved photos.

Will I have access to upcoming game updates by purchasing this version?


Yes of course you will. Why would you think otherwise?

something like that happened to me, anyway the game is very interesting, i'm looking forward to the updates

(bad english, i know)


Sorry to hear that, basically if you make a purchase on any of our storefronts you will naturally continue to get all the updates.

can i help with spanish translation?

Join our discord, we are not looking right now but maybe later.

The game takes over 5 minutes to launch and crashes very quickly after actually starting

My computer isn't the best, but it isn't THAT bad

Hey there, yeah we have a bit of work to do with optimization. The main menu is way too heavy atm along with how the lighting model in the game works. This will naturally change as we get more patches out.


Big booba



For what-ever reason I am having trouble walking forward, and I couldn't fix it because there is a ui bug when you attempt to change the controls. 

Aye yeah we had some people report the issue with configuring the controls. We are looking into it.

Other then that I was going to ask if there would be something in the full game to increase the booba. 


Each Monster Girl will have their own sizes and such, the Pony Girl has a really big set on her whereas others are more petite. As for the player character you should be able to in a future update adjust the booba.

will the Itch version stay updated when it's on Steam?

Yeppa, this version is a preorder for the full release. It will see all the updates.

If I buy it here, will I be missing or time gated to patreon exclusive content? 

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We do not do anything exclusively for Patreon regarding our game releases, so feel free to purchase or subscribe without the fear of missing out!

Why can I only buy with credit card? Paypal would be nice.

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PayPal was nice enough to not let us use their services. Unfortunately, Credit Cards are the only choice left.

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Glad I bought PomH and Elewder when Paypal was still an option. But now I can't get this one at all, unfortunately. And probably none of your future games either. No credit card for Itch and Steam region locks the game for me.

Would be really cool if you would consider adding the game to some bundle with another developer at some point. This has allowed some creators banned by Paypal to get their games to Paypal users in the past.

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Oh yeah, we are 100% on board with doing that, and we 100% will do that in the future. It's a damn shame that PayPal did us dirty like that, it comes with the territory of doing well with the AO crowd though. Thank you for the support. 

SacBoy from Momoiro is in our dev circle so we knew all about the method, if we could offer an alternative we would.


Hey so we have a bundle now, you can grab it via the PayPal payment.

Damn you guys are fast - which is also what she said, incidentally...

Anyways, you should probably send out an update and/or post something in the development log so your followers know that they have two weeks left to get the bundle.

This is actually how I bought the game.
Thanks for that.

No problems. Happy to help!

If I purchase it here, will I get a steam code too?

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Unfortunately no. Steam and Itch are different storefronts.

are you still stuck on that ride?

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Thankfully, it's now open-world, we do not limit where the player can move.

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