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Is there any I can lower my graphics quality before starting the game. Freezes everytime I try running

Inside the main directory there are two .bat files one for dx12 another for vulkan. These are different graphical options outside of the default. Try the dx12.bat file first. As for the options the game auto applies the level of graphical options needed once it is run.

Pleace do a demo

Eventually, once we are ready.

Hi, I would like to buy the game but I can not use paypal :/

Is that not possible for you? It works with "In Heat" for example.
So it's not because of itself...


We are banned on Paypal. They also steal money and have no respect for nsfw developers. The reason you cannot use them as a payment option is because we cannot use them as one.


All right, I get it...

Support them via Patreon there you can get the game too

Hi can you make the female character a futa and turn all mail characters into futas

The monster girls you can make all futa. The player characters no.

so can the male playable character get penetrated by futa monsters

Indeed he can.


Is there actually a reason right now to make any photos or is it just there as a template kinda thing for when the quests and monpedia come out?


The tech is there, the monpedia is coming in the next patch with some extra stuff hopefully. So the photosystem is going to be the main thing.

Do you accept gift cards? when i try to buy the game the card declines

We use the Stripe payment service. This would be up to them.

This is a very lovely game. Maybe a bit too pretty for my potato PC... I crash out at frame 2 after pressing enter at the main screen.  Restarting the app causes a D3D device HUNG error, which requires reboot. Any chance you'll be adding a preloader for graphics settings or adjusting the main menu to help potatoes get to the options menu before catching fire

It auto detects system settings. Try using one of the .bat files for launching the game included in the main directory. There is one for dx12 and Vulcan. Start with dx12. Let me know how you go!

Also update your graphic drivers.

The dx12 .bat file did the trick! I still took FPS drops when facing areas with high foliage. Besides that, everything that's been implemented so far works pretty well.

Yeah dx12 has a higher vram capacity but has a lower frame rate. It's especially good for older cards or those without cards.

also any chance in adding a futa option for Jamie?

Jamie won't have a futa option as that is not her character. However we will add for her a strap-on option. As part of the character customization tools we will add later both characters will be able to change their appearance and skins for addons. So you'll be able to modify how the strap-on looks and make it look real.

I Think that's a nice middle ground tbh.

how do you make one of your followers stop following you?

Right now there is no option for it. We are not even sure if we will keep the follower commands just yet. Just look at it as a temp thing needed to make the sex systems work until we can build other options.

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Yes, finally someone realized how to properly update game page on so that game is bumped to the top of games list after major update…

We didn't do anything special outside of making a good patch.

Game looks Cool - but - As soon as I tried the Game This game Crashed My Computer so Dose it has Specific Graphics Requirements would be Good have on Information if it do Not Specific Graphics Requirements this is a Bugg

We are not able to get the minimum requirements up yet as the game is constantly changing. However please update your drivers, the engine is Unreal Engine 5 so a reasonably modern PC would be required. Also please make sure you have some sort of dedicated GPU before you play a fully 3d product like this.

fast question because im confused with images and all is it VR game? just to know before buying

Not VR.

Any chance for a demo? Id like to know if I could run the game before buying.

We are too early in development to make a demo we would be happy to say represents the goal of our game. But once we have passed that stage sure.

Rather curious, are there notions of what will be done for those who don't like futa?  It seems like the mons boinking each other is an intended feature of the game, and even some photo goals will revolve around it.  Will we just be unable to do those goals?  Will there be other, non-peen interactions between the mons?


If you don't like Futa you can turn it off in the menu, this will naturally disable any objectives related to futa photos, etc. While you will be able to finish the game without futa being on, you won't be able to 100% the game. We will build into the game female x female stuff as well, and there have been discussions about including a small variety of male monsters if we get the time to build them. No promises on that last one though.

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Fair enough!  I'm sure the game will be enjoyable either way, and I'm not much fussed about being a completionist, heh.  Would be neat to get some males in the mix, but I know that's not the plan, so it would be a fun bonus if anything.  Focus on your vision first, for sure, and who knows what could come in the future.  It's already shaping up to be great. :)

Thank you for the kind words, and yes! We will focus entirely on what we want the game to be. We have in our minds a very good idea of what it will be and getting to that point will require focus and planning. Meaning some things like male mons will be on the backburner for sure.


For some reason I am unable to purchase this game even thou i put in everything correctly 

Please contact itch support to help out!

cant buy it either!

Please confirm your payment options work with the provider. In this case Stripe.

how  exactly do i do that? I've  bought an endless  amount of games on here, idk whats going on.

i bought the game but my dumbass cant figure out how to open it

Run the .exe

Is there any way I could get a refund? I impulsively purchased the game without realizing I'm pretty low on cash.

If there is, great! Thank you in advance, and I hope that I can buy it again in the future

If there is no way for a reimbursement, oh well you live and learn.

Contact itch support, they are the point of purchase. We have no power to issue refunds 

Any plans on a demo for the game? I would like to try it, but don't feel confident enough to pay for it.

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We do have plans, but it is still too early to make something like that. Once we get deeper into the development you can expect it for sure. Also do not feel any rush to purchase the game, buy it when you feel the time is right. Voting with your wallet is important.

I'm mildly disappointed I paid for this in such early development....that being said I can see the potential and love being put into this and I look forward to seeing it develop and get better.... just really wanted to fuck some of these characters lmao, I've paid more for games that were much worse, and this at least has the benefit of being actively worked on and so I'll stick around and consider my investment a long term one lol  


Thank you for the vote of confidence! We won't disappoint.

Had to read the comments to figure out how to get into Follower/Doll Mode. Hoping a tutorial might be added later. Also seems like only Missionary is available? Did not see a way to use any other option. All in all though its pretty solid so far and I look forward to this being polished


Yeah it's not super clear how to do it but it changes so much adding a tutorial would be pointless right now. Having said that each "pose" is like 60 or so vbx files working together with the animations to make it dynamic as it is. So adding say doggy before we get our pipeline in place would be a lot of work if we had to backtrack for whatever reason. Playing it safe and doing it right saves a lot of headache later.

Hopefully you understand why it's so limited atm.

I mean my comment and my review in the most positive light possible. I know its a lot of work to get the game where its at now and I am really looking forward to the game improving more and more. Its easy to tell you guys are really working hard at it to make it the best it can be.

how do u change characters?

Press E while in the doll mode. If you mean player character then start a new game from the main menu.

i was gonna buy this here but id rather have it on steam, i guess ill wait for that, super excited for this!!!!


Nice thank you for the excitement! We will be on steam once we have a super polished game. So don't expect it any time soon.

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong with the doll system how do you use this??


1 Find a monster you like and hit "F" on them to have them follow you. You'll need at least one penis equipped character to have sex.

2. Hit tab and bring up the follower commands section and select missionary (the only one we have so far). And place the hologram on the ground where you like.

3. Hit e to cycle between the characters for the base position. Hit enter to confirm.

4. Hit e once more to cycle between the characters for the penetrator position. Hit enter to confirm.

5. Use the mouse click and drag limbs of the base character to position then how you like.

6. While hovering over the penetrator character use your mouse wheel to increase or decrease the speed of the animation.

 it needs a lot of work before I would consider it polished but the basics are there.


Misleading asf screenshots, there is absolutely 0 gameplay in this 'game' as of now. Don't even make people pay for it at this point, this content isn't even demo worthy.


It's in deep development right now with monthly builds that add content at a super fast pace. I always say people should wait if they are unsure of if it's for them. I consider all purchases to be preorders with access to development builds. So chill out, join the community we have, make suggestions for the dev team you'd like to see and come along for the ride.

Hello Kinky Fridays,

The game looks really great and I hope there will be more to come.

I actually have a question and that is whether there will be the possibility, if you bought the game here, that you get a Steam key?

Because in some countries the game is unfortunately not available on Steam, or is taken out pretty quickly again....

Thank you for the kind words. As for the steam key question. No you will not get a key. We consider itch and steam to be different platforms, so if you want it on steam you'd need to purchase on steam. If it is not available in your country there isn't much I can do. We are considering setting up a resale sites for key purchases but that would not be on itch.

Kinky Fridays I was curious would it be better to just buy this game here or wishlist it on steam when it's done? I just wanted an opinion.

That choice is yours. Purchasing on itch will get you in development builds. We will eventually get onto steam but not until it is super polished. Which might take a other 4 to 7 months. But if you want to wait then more power to you, purchase when you like.

hello ive been trying to play the game but it is confusing to get the characters to do what i want should we be able to make them have sex or just place the dolls?

The current build is just placing them. The next build will have partner interactions.

is it supposed to be played with a controller or do i need to just rebind the keys somehow, and also the sun is extremely bright and nothing seems to be blocking it so im somewhat blind but im sure theres a fix for it so

The next build is moving to static lighting. So it won't be dynamic. There is controller support at the moment. I wouldn't call it refined though.

My game started up with controls bound as if for a controller, is there a preset of some sort or should i just rebind them all?

There are controls for both controller and keyboard so just try using the other one and it should work.


i remember asking if player customization was gonna be a thing, specifically because i knew that the player models were going to look like cucks. and yes, i'm very disappointed with the results.

It really pains me to not have your specific approval.


hey is it possible to maybe pay with paypal at a later date ? i got no credit card XD


Sorry but no. We are banned on Paypal for making porn. 

Hey I don't seem to be able to take pictures while in doll mode, and can't exit it without the pose dissapearing

That is currently how it works, we should have a photo mode in the next patch along with a lot more upgrades to the doll system.

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hey I purchased this game and cannot access it due to a D3D device loss error and suspect it is my hardware. I have a possible suggestion to add a minimum requirements in the description to run the game so others don't make the same mistake.

There is a Vulcan launch option bat shortcut. Give that a go, let me know how it performs.

How do you do that because  I have no clue, thanks.

In the folder where the game is there are two .bat files. One for directx 12 the other for Vulcan. Just double click it and it will do the rest. I would suggest starting with dx12.

This seems like a good match for VR. :)

It could be. We have not got any plans for it though.

Well I hope you guys much success, this seems like an awesome idea.

Thank you! We will make the best game we possibly can!

How do i get a refund of this game as it doesn't work, thank you :)

You'll have to do it via the itch services. Can you detail what the issue is? It is likely we can fix it.

Audio cutting out, very laggy, parts of the game is black, so the corners of the screen keeps glitching. I get that its an early access but having to spend 20+ dollars is a bit overkill

What are you attempting to play this on?


I understand. I need to know what hardware your PC has inside it. Do you have a GPU or are you running integrated graphics?


will paying with PayPal be an option?

It will not be an option. PayPal has made it clear they do not wish to work with us due to the type of games we are making. 

Seems like a missed opportunity, they are supporting other games with the same kind of content on this website.

Less an opportunity and more they banned and stole money from us under the guise that we were making pornographic games. So if it has not happened to others it eventually will.

Thats a problem for me i am in Germany and i don't own a credit card and its not like i can get the game on steam but i still want to buy it and now my question is how?

Why wouldn't you be able to purchase via stripe? Itch still functions with German customers.

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Is Stripe a separate option or is it still just the pay by Card option? cause that's the only thing that i see and a lot of germans dont own credit or debit cards i just have a normal girocard 

Stripe is the payment provider so it's what facilitates the transaction. Not sure what a giro card is but if it's not supported by stripe there is very little I can do about it.

I can't even purchase the game both my normal card and a pre paid one wont work

Not sure what the issue is but we are using Stripe as a payment gateway. If you're card is not working perhaps you could talk with Stripe customer support to find the issue.

Will I be given a steam key after I purchased the game here?

No? Why would you think you would? Steam and Itch are two different stores.

I cannot seem to run the game. Whenever I open the application it crashes

I assume you have integrated graphics on your computer?

Please try the latest build we did a lot of performance tweaks. If it wont run try the DX12 launch option we have added.

ho un prblema con l'acquisto tramie il sito

Stripe is a universal credit card company. If you cannot use it correctly you'll have to take it up with stripe themselves. Good luck!

i wish i could buy the game on steam looks pretty cool and i got it on my wishlist to. and some of my friends on steam saw it on my wishlist to and let's just say i got more space on my friendslist now lol    


Haha, well playing a cool photography game shouldn't kill ya friends list, you stay a man of culture okay?

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