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when will scenes of the player and the girls be added?


in the intimacy update. Coming soon

ok thank you they look really cute cant wait to do inimacy with the malo one

Ah she isn't spawning right now as her unlock puzzle isn't ready. But soon!

i see thank you for the info

How long till the game is on steam, whether that be early access or full release?


It will be on Steam as an Early Access product once we have 1/5 of the game done. This is the first biome fully completed and polished along with the narrative for that region, side activities, monpedia works and a few global events.

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I'm interested in supporting you by either buying here or patreon if you have it, but I need to know, Is lovense support in the future?


We have not looked into any 3rd party hardware support just yet. Our focus so far is on game development.

Okay, thank you for the reply! After looking closer at the screenshots, looks like I can play as a girl so I’m happy to support you guys!


Yes girl or guy! Let me know if you have any other questions?


I think I'm really going to love this. Any idea when it will release on steam


Once we have the first biome fully complete. Maybe middle of the year but I have nothing set in stone right now. Development can change things.

can you fuck the animals


In an upcoming patch you will be able to 

You can add payment with PayPal ^-

We are banned for making adult games which is against their tos. So we cannot. Sorry. Please use GOG or wait for our Steam release.

Hey, just dropping a idea by. You could make a character customization after you finished with the main map road, you dont need to fill it with heavy options, or you could add it with the toys update you planned for. Because i personally think that the male character could use some feminine traits too.

We don't have any plans for making Oscar more female. But both Jamie and Oscar will have a lot of costumes to change into.

I'm confused on what exactly Tool Use is?

We will have objects that you can throw out like a beach ball or a dildo. The mons will use them.

Is futa-on-male planned?


For the player character yes.

how do i get to have the people not run from me / interact with me

We are still building those functions at the moment. Be sure to check out the roadmap for details on the upcoming content.

Would be nice if the interactivity came sooner. So far the most you can do is try to mash characters together, but even that system is clunky. Also updating through Itch isn't possible, so actually installing updates is a bit cumbersome.

So all of those issues you have with the game will be addressed in the intimacy update. Since right now the lust bomb is temporary animations and the familiarity content does not exist.


Game is still broken as hell

In what way? Take a look at the roadmap to get an idea on what we have yet to build.


it has been broken since dawn of humanity, no idea where this is going it has been like that for a very long while


Thanks for the useless comment:

This is broken
This always been broken
If you not say WHAT  is broken or your problems it will never be fixed


If you played the game you'd know whats broken. The whole game


It would be very helpful if you could detail what you're having issues with. The game is still in early development and a lot of features are not fully implemented. Our focus so far is around the camera function and stealth. Please see the roadmap for upcoming features.

Every time I try to start the game, it crashes

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I admire your work, but you have to tune up or overwork this "Familiarity" thing, it is way to frustrating getting the progress bar up and losing it all on a instant . Btw, i wanted to let you know, that you wrote "Delate photos" instead of "Delete photos".


Familiarity is not functioning right now. It will come in a later date. As for the spelling error where in the game is it?


Hey, sorry for the late response. It is ingame, under "tab" menu, open "gallery", then open any folder and there should be "delate photo" in the corner left.



Is there a way to actually have sex w/ them?


not yet. Check the roadmap and development blog posts for more information on when.


I have nothing else to say love it.

I have a few questions. Will be gog version updated after steam release? And how does reputation with others work in this game? How to raise it?

GOG is updated the same time all other stores get updated. No store is left without updates as they come out. 

Familiarity is not fully enabled right now. It will come in a future patch.


i would love a free version or demo, this looks great but money isnt a luxury i currently possess, id love to get it if i could tho


Demo will come soon.


would you consider a demo im interested but i dont wanna buy something im not gonna like?


A demo will come once we have the systems in place.


the bat girl's profile pic looks adorably happy.


Is there a release date? If not, when do you think it will release on steam? because I don’t know if I wanna risk buying it on but I don’t wanna wait… 


We will release on steam once we basically have the first biome done completely. So likely sometime this year. It all depends on how it feels as we build it.


but if I buy it on, am I able to update the game and everything? And if so, how?


Yes. You download the game and install it. If you download the exe it will clean up the previous install and make sure it all works.


how do i download the exe? Cause I really want the game


Wait i just bought the game, and i dont really understand much. Are the girls interactable?


Not right now. Please be sure to check out the roadmap along with lie development blogs for more information. Interactions and familiarity is coming.

I've been stumped so far.

how do i make the creatures not fearful of me?

my familiarity keeps resetting to zero.

any tip is helpful if possible.


Familiarity is not yet functional yet.  It will be coming soon.

Ah, thank you for the info

I shall be patient


Kinky Fridays, hi. I realize I don't have the best video card (2050 (laptop)), but will there be optimizations in the future?

You should be fine on a laptop 2050. Just don't throw it on high if you're having performance problems. Also be mindful of background applications like chrome or anti virus using resources.

I could be wrong, mb that's the way it's designed, but it seems like a bug to me. Because when I take a picture of any creature's genitalia, I get S+ (you have to get pretty close).

Scoring overhaul is being worked on right now. The next patch is stealth update but following that will be the scoring stuff. As right now the closer you are the greater the score. It just does not work.

do i have to reinstall the game when it updates? it says the new update is up but its not v 019 when i start the game 

Yes, you need to patch the game with the new content. Use the exe installer and it will do it automatically for you.


Hey, can you add an option to pay with PayPal? It's kind of a pain to pay with a card, mine keeps declining despite having more than enough money. I don't have the same problem if I pay using PayPal.


Paypal doesn't work, I'm still waiting for Steam Early Access or something, but that too has to wait till the game is better or something like that.

I remember that much.


Steam is still being worked on. Thank you for being patient.


Hey sorry we are banned on Paypal for making a porn game. And itch won't support some adult developers over others.


Aww well, that sucks :(


I managed to get my paypal to work. Weird how it doesn't for you


And how did you do that?

I set up my paypal on my laptop as a recognized device and it works for anything I tried to use it for so far. It took me around 10 minutes in total to get all the paypal stuff to like my laptop.


We don't have PayPal as a payment option as I said. So it would be impossible to pay for it using PayPal.

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Gameplay and art look absolutely amazing, even on my potato of a PC. i just have one question, is their eventually going to be an option for character customization? (Anthro/non-anthro, genitalia.ect). either way Im in love the game so far, I just wanted to ask :)


We will have costumes and hair styles. Nothing so much in the realm of being a furry creature just yet. You can have a few skins for genitals though.


Art looks cute, gameplay looks fine. Interesting idea I must say. But I can't stand games where dev either don't know or is lazy to implement proper anatomy and all the furries have same human-like genitals. I pass on that, but still wish you good luck to finish it!

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It's part of the artist's style. They've been doing it like that for probably 6 years at this point. 


More dongs are coming. Different penis means different or unique animations. So we just have to prioritize what's important to get the base of the game working.


this may be dumb but I’m new to itch if I buy it will I have access to later updates


yes, you'll get access to every update every other store gets, no delays, no patreon build or whatever. you buy it, you own it.

how do i have sex with them


You wait for the patch, then you can. Check the roadmap for more information.


sry for being dumb but where do i find the road map


It's in the description on the store page.

I bought the game on discount (winter sale).

I run Linux - PopOS! Linux to be specific, which is a fork of Ubuntu.  64-bit.  32GB RAM, 24 cores, I9 CPU. Nvidia 3060 mobile graphics.

The game just doesn't work for me.  Black screen.  I've tried the Linux build, I've tried installing the installer via Lutris, I've even tried non-steam game in Steam.

I'd love to work with the dev to get this solved, if possible. I'd rather not request a refund.

Yeah we are aware of this one, we ran out of time to find the error though before Christmas. For now please use wine for playing the game. We will be establishing a test environment on VM early next year to solve this.

I tried wine through Lutris - both via the installer and manual build. Also true windowed mode set to low resolution. Tried running through terminal to capture any errors. I'm a DevOps architect, if you want free help fixing this.

Oh, and my graphics card is a 4060, not a 3060

Sure, join our discord and reach out. We will talk there.

Will the game be translated into other languages? Maybe at least through an auto-translator?

Yeah we will at least add some ai translation to the game. Dunno what languages we will support but ye.

I cant get this in germany via Steam =(


We will sell keys for German customers on another site that works in Germany after release.


Considering buying, however would prefer to purchase through Steam. If I buy now through Itch, will my purchase convey to Steam as well once it's released on Steam? I do see the game there on Steam now, but only as a wishlist option, no option to purchase, pre-purchase or early access.


Hey there, your best option is to wait for the steam release as we won't be giving out keys for existing purchases. You wouldn't ask for an itch key on a steam purchase right?

I think if they see the game on Steam they could buy it there without a key, it's  probably just us germany here and another country I keep forgetting. Might have been China I don't know.


The steam page is set to coming soon. Once the game is more polished we will release it there.


Actually it's pretty normal to expect games that I buy elsewhere which then become available on Steam, to be able to link the existing purchase there and own it on Steam as well. Some games are not done this way however, which is why I asked. That's fine though, I don't mind waiting to see it on Steam.

My computer and VirusTotal say this game is a virus. Can I be sure this is a false positive?

Yeah fairly certain you can assume that, may I ask what it's flagging it for


There is zero chance it contains anything malicious.


Any plans to ad paypal? Otherwise I will be forced to pirate the game, as steam has a region lock on it, that I won't be able to easy avoid.

We cannot use PayPal as they banned us for making adult games. You can purchase on GOG though. Also we will be working with a German key reseller once we are on steam.

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Thanks for the reply.

I just made an account, but even though I set it up with my VPN set to the US, the store page is not available for me.

I have no idea why certain adult games are simply banned on sites like that, but I have no way to access games like yours in a legal way, other than this site at the moment.


I have no idea how I did it, but I tried again, simply by googling the game title. One of the results gave me the option to put the game into the cart, and it didn't remove it on login.

Hope this helps others that are affected by similar laws!

when will sex scenes be added back


Just take a look at the roadmap, it will answer all questions.


Is there plans for the game to come to android.

Nothing on paper, but there is always a chance.

Im getting nothing but a black screen. Is this an issue or should there be a different setting for linuex ? 

We don't have a bit capacity for Linux testing. So a lot of the distros we cannot help too much with. Can you give more details on what your hardware and os is?

AMD Zen 2 w/ 4-cores/8-threads, variable frequency @ 2.4 – 3.5 GHz

16 GB LPDDR5 @ 5500 MT/s over 4x 32-bit memory channels = 88GB/s total bandwidth

steamos v.3 Arch Linux

Is this a steam deck?


Okay so with the steam deck we can do some testing there but our support for the game on steam deck will come via their offical system support via steamworks.

We will make it compatible there but this will happen sometime early next year.

Also, Just wondering if you have thought about adding Lovesense support to the game? Because there will be a lot of intimacy in the game it would make it a cool addition.


Have not considered it. Maybe. Depends what we need to do.

Wasn't sure where else to report this but I just wanted to point out your Linux build seems to be broken. I'm using Pop_OS! and have got specs higher than the recommended but when I start the game there is a big black square taking up most of the screen in the middle of the title screen and can only see the image on the sides of the black square.


We don't have a way to test on all distros. Linux is very hard to get it right for everyone.

so far, I've enjoyed taking pictures of the girls and watching them do their activities while I try and take a quick pic of them. however, there is a lot more to be desired from the game. such as joining the girls in the fun. i get that the game is still under development and i honestly can't wait to see where it goes. super excited for future updates and patches.


One step at a time. Before moving on to the most desired features, we have to ensure the game is operating as we intend hence why we are making the spawning director and camera systems our current focus.

Sex, the things around sex, the monster ai for sex, environmental traps related to sex, and all those systems can only come (hehe cum) once we know the rest is operating at the level we need it to.

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