Lusty Balls v015

Hello explorers! Welcome to another patch for Sapphire Safari! Version 015 was actually a very short development time for us, given that our last release was pushed really far into May we only had about 15 days of total dev time for the release. If things appear a little rushed, that is why!

So let's go over the biggest changes!

A new way to Install!

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we get on the regular is general installation problems and launching issues. People having issues extracting the files, or making mistakes about replacing older versions with new files. It leads to a lot of very strange bugs and such. So now we are dropping the ZIP delivery system for patches and going with an executable installer.

We are using the open-source NSIS system which allows us to package everything together as one file (no more zipping confusion). During installation you will be prompted to choose an install location, if this is a future patch, the installer will always know where the previous version is located and will install in that directory. First, it will remove all the older files that are not needed, then it will install the new version. It will also install shortcuts onto the desktop and start menu. It took a bit of wiggling around to get the installer to look nice and be customized for our customers. The end result is an amazing system that all our future patches and additional games will be using!

First to Third person animation and interaction system.

v015 is kinda like a middle patch for us, with v016 being the biggest change to our release in a very long time, however, the swap to 3rd person had to be bundled with this release since we kinda needed the extra time to start building in that direction. What you’ll get to play with in this patch is a first implementation, with some of the older animations being used that need replacing. We hope you all like it!

Camera ADS UI and System change.

A change we have been wanting to implement for a while is the reduction in photo UI controls. Now the only part of the shot that will capture is the space within the white box, everything else will be used later for camera mode UI and information.

Player Sex Participation.

All players will have unlimited access to a new tool called the “Lust Bomb”. Simply select the tool from your “Q” menu, aim at any Monster Girl you desire, and toss it at them. If they are hit they will be overcome with sexual desire, allowing for anyone Human or Monster, to plow them stupid! To interact with them just walk into the slot selection hologram that spawns.

Along with players now able to join in on the fun, we have put together a drone camera system so you can take photos of your participation as well! Camera controls are the same as normal.

We have also added another animation so Females can now interact with the Doll System, this works both as Futa and Female on both Female and Futa.

We hope you enjoy everything in the new patch! However you all need to be very excited for the next build, v016 is shaping up to be one of our biggest!

Changelog v015

  • Developed Installer system deliverables.
  • Swapped the game to a third-person animation system.
  • Reduced the capture window during camera ADS.
  • Added “Lust Bomb” to usable test items.
  • Added Stone interactions to Monster Girls.
  • Monster Girls now craft their own Doll Points.
  • Player interaction points on Doll Points spawned with Lust Bomb.
  • Photography drone during Doll interaction with Player and Monster Girl.
  • Added Female x Female Doll interaction animation.
  • Added Icon to Unreal Engine executable.
  • Added Header to Unreal Engine splash.

See you next patch!


sapphiresafari_015_windows.exe 2 GB
Jun 06, 2023 2 GB
Jun 07, 2023

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when playing as the girl i am unable to enter any futa scenes and cant use the doll function

She should have an animation for female fingering.

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I am having the same/similar issue that DrawarDragon was having, but I can't seem to find the pathway to the save to delete. Originally it was downloaded on external D: drive. I have deleted folder and even unplugged the external and it still runs into that issue. I have tried a search for "AppData", "Local", "SapphireSafari", even "save" on C:, and get nothing. User\username doesn't have appdata. Everything I try I still can't get new functions to work. Anyone have advice? Something I am missing?

EDIT: N/M i'm an idiot, I had a typo and that's why I couldn't find anything. Thanks for being there, though!


So you found the appdata and deleted it and it works now? If so great!

Yes! Working great. Face expressions are a little wonky, and occasionally camera doesn't seem to want to focus, but I understand it's in development. I'm looking forward to more!

Yeah it's mostly a physics LOD issues.

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Hi i try use the new command like the Q for try but i try of put all at 0 but now my game closed at each time i want created a character. i try deleting all the data but is make crashing my game.

Please try deleting the main save directory.


Just fully delete the "saved" folder and try run the game again.

is working thank you i search where is the save folder in the cache

Awesome! Yeah it's something carrying over from really old saves that makes that error happen.

Super disappointed you're dropping the zip in favor for an installer. That's a non-starter for me, any plans to release both?

Not particularly, what's wrong with the installer?

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Requiring an installer on an h game should be a massive red flag for anyone. Let me manage my own dependencies instead of requiring me to go through a 0 transparency Run as Admin>Next>Next>Install Miner>Finish workflow.

Any game that has issues with dependencies in 2023 is fishy af and should be avoided.

For people who actually want it, sure let em have it, but don't force the 99% of other users to use it

Not trying to break any logic or whatever here, but by you running any exe, those things can be installed. The difference is here that we sell video games and are dependent on those sales to make a living. Putting something inside our products outside of the intended use case is basically the stupidest thing we can do.

The installer is to assist with the ease of installation of our products, since windows are moving more and more towards a future where zips and folders look identical and running an exe from a zip leads to issues the installer makes the lives of all customers easier. You can always look into the source code we use for our installer tool, it's called NSIS and it's an open-source piece of tech that has been in use since 2006. It is about as lightweight and clean-cut as they come. 

My point is that it's super abnormal and a red flag at least for me, and refusing to release a zip for the people who want it is even sketchier. I totally understand that I'm in the minority here, and I just wont be able to play any more updates, but have enjoyed the updates prior. 

You're onto a very fun unique game here, and wish you good luck in the future. Keep up the good work!

If you cannot live without the zip I'll see what I can do. Adding it means that folks will download and once again we will have to troubleshoot silly little issues with zip extractions and manual installs. Contact me over discord and I'll see about getting you the zip. If you can prove you own it here that is.

A lot of cool changes and I am looking forward to what comes next, however I have ran into some bugs I think I should mention?

So I'm noticing that the player models face has a tendency to bug out and get pulled around by the movement of the camera sometimes.

Also I had a random out of body experience while walking down the dirt path for seemingly no reason (meaning my character was stuck standing naked in one place while my camera was free to roam the island, couldn't take photos though.. when I tried it clipped me out of the map I think.)


Yeah, there are a lot of oddities in this patch, mostly because we had very little time to find them and squash them. However, we might try and take more time with patches going forward to make sure things like this don't happen too frequently.


I'm just having problems with interacting with my F and Q buttons, I just get the watch menu and nothing else.

There is no need for the F button. If you're having issues delete your save files and start from scratch.

got it

i like the ui for the installation process, and the animations has improved a lot, great work!!

Glad you like it!


It's a smaller detail, but I love the facial expressions.


Oh yeah, its a bonus of the new animation system! Previously it was a manual thing, now we can leave it up to the animation director to do his thing!