Sapphire Documents Issue 010

Hello explorers! Progress continues along smoothly as we grow closer and closer to releasing v016 of Sapphire Safari. Let’s break down what's been made since we last spoke!

Wool, Scale, and Tail

Three new species of Monster Girl! Yes, you read that correctly. Three new Species will be findable in the next build of Sapphire Safari. We have the cunning Fox, the trusting Lamb, and the seductive Snake. These three will find a home in our Plains Biome which is easily accessible from the very beginning of the game. 

They join the cast for the biome consisting of the curious Bunny, the skittish Deer, and the nocturnal Bat.

Sapphire Island details

To go along with the new cast of monsters we have a vastly more detailed island to discover and explore! As I mentioned previously we are focused only on the Plains Biome for the next couple of patches, so while the surrounding areas will get some detailing (so your photos don’t look like doodoo) they will not be accessible.

Day and Night

Within the game currently is a working day/night cycle that will affect the behavior of the wildlife, events, and other assorted time-sensitive things.

Exploring with a Map

Navigating around Sapphire Island is going to be an exciting adventure, we will be breaking the world down the world into small sections that need to be uncovered by finding radio beacons to extend the map and wireless submission capacity you’ll need in the field.

Once a map is uncovered the GPS tool can be used to help with navigating to the points yet to be uncovered or for finding a path to a specific point. These can be done in batches of three markings and auto-remove when you arrive at the destination.

AI Optimizations

Here we can’t show much right now as it's a major focus for reducing the calling and references the game makes for AI state. This should drastically improve how quickly monster girls react to things and how smoothly the game processes information. In the near future we will do a deep-dive on how things will be behaving in the next patch so please be patient for more information there.

Okay, that is it for now. We hope you enjoyed this issue of our dev blog. Stay tuned for more! Remember, v016 is scheduled for early August and so far we look to be on time for the release.

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Will V.16 auto update the file? On v.15 currently.

You'll need to download it once it's released from this site.

i need paypal :( 

You'll need to wait for another store front to open up, as Itch has made it clear they do not want to support our development. Steam will hopefully be working by the year's end if the game is polished enough by that point.

okey but in steam are this game in germany not allowed :( 

We will have german sales stores for Steam keys soon.

really ? :) that looks nice :) i take it than :)

oh that sounds nice! i also am perfectly willing to pay for this game, but since i'm located in germany i need alternative ways to purchase my lewd stuff on steam...

What you mean with "Itch want to support you"? Can i pay it on itch via credit card or should i wait? whats the best for u?

It's paid for with stripe not itch payment service. So yeah you can pay it goes directly to us.


like what I'm seeing so far.


Nice! Glad you like it.

I wonder where you design those mons cuz they are so awesome!!

also I love that lamb, so cute <3


Our modeler Cumminham makes them.

Deleted post

If I have purchased this about 7 days ago, is this considered an update for that transaction or do I need to purchase again?


You'll get every update for one purchase.

nice tyty

Love the variety of mons you've got going, nice and broad.  Are the other biomes going to have such diversity, or will it be mainly biome-specific variations of the plains ones?  Or maybe a mixture of uniques and alternates?


Ideally, each biome has a good selection of unique mons. Maybe 5-7 per biome.

Awesome.  Can't wait to meet all of 'em!

When released on steam, will we be able to pay with paypal?

Yes, itch offers no support for adult game developers so we are on our own which is why we do not have paypal.