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As another woman joins the list of the missing, deep within a forest, a man living in solitude is visited by a pretty stranger. Wet Nightmares is an Erotic Horror Visual Novel exploring the psyche of a haunted man and his depraved past.

- Explore the mind and nightmares of a hunted aspiring author in an 8-hour experience.
- Uncover several different endings and pathways through Wet Nightmares.
- Unlock several lovingly handcrafted sexual cinematics.
- A full complement of voice acting by industry professionals.

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Kinky Fridays
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(68 total ratings)
AuthorKinky Fridays
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, Creepy, Dark, Horror, NSFW, sexual-content
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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wetnightmares-pc-02.zip 515 MB
wetnightmares-linux-02.bz2 483 MB
wetnightmares-android-02.apk 517 MB
Samara Pinup Pack.zip 27 MB

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demo-wetnightmares-windows-332.zip 509 MB
demo-wetnightmares-linux-332.zip 499 MB
demo-wetnightmares-mac-332.zip 526 MB
demo-wetnightmares-android-332.apk 522 MB

Development log


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How i get all h-scenes ?

I'm the current build there is nothing hidden. More will be added soon.

wow cant believe its almost two years....

Yep. This one is a slow burn for us as well. Lots of progress, just nothing we can share publicly atm.

just happy it's still acknowledged.  I'm eager to see how this harsh MC and this mysterious girl go forward

When will the Steam preorders be available?


I won't give you an actual date just yet as we are not 100% but ideally this year. 

Thanks. Will preorder when available on Steam. You left a comment below about a month ago that Chapter 2 would be finished soon. Has it been finished yet? Either way no worries as this year is packed with games like Hogwarts Legacy, Jedi Survivor, Spiderman 2, Suicide Squad, etc.


Not yet. The timing and pacing of things are very important to the game. The script is written just not put in renpy yet.

Ok. Keep up the good work.

I just bought the game, when will the next update will come if it is possible to know?

By the way i love how this game it's wrote, you built a very good looking girl, congrats.

Wish you the best from this game❤️

We are working on chapter 2 atm. It's slow going as the team is small. Please be patient with us!

I'm sure there is a lot of pressure for you guys to finish this game. I hope that it won't be rushed and that it has the consistent quality we have experienced so far through out the game when it's finally completed. 

I love this game so much and I really want it to come out perfect.

Best wishes!

Thank you for the kind words, we ain't rushing it. It will be perfect once we are finished with her!

Just finished the demo and loved it! The writing is on point and really delivers on the concept.  Can't wait for the full release

Hey, thank you for enjoying our game! More to come very soon!

Is this game stil being worked on?  I am going to buy it because, why not.  Also What is the Goal for?  is it just to reach the 500$ or is something more going to be added ujpon reaching your goal?

The game looks well made and I won't lie I love me some monster girls.  (Ghost, Zombie, Banshee, and Siren.  I love all monster girls, especially if they are cute.)

Yep! The game is still being worked on. Chapter two is basically done. We just need to move it over to renpy and release.

Here is the status of everything so far.

Main story:  100% done.

Alternate endings: 25% done.

English copy: 25% done.

Art: 15% done.

Awesome! thanks for the timely response!  I have one final question, how many chapters are you planning on adding?  (Also went ahead and got the game.)

We are looking at 5 with different endings.


If you buy it on here do you get a Steam key for it when it releases on there or you got to rebuy it on Steam?


Steam and Itch are two different stores. If you want to play the game on Steam please wait for the release there as we won't be selling keys for it anywhere else.

It confuses me why people seem to expect this with itch purchases, you'd never expect steam to give you an itch copy right?


I think...probably... and this is just an observation, but because a lot of the games on itch that advertise future release to Steam offer a steam code to those who bought the game here when it launches on steam... Maybe "most" is unfair I've only seen a couple games advertise that but I think some people have come to expect that to an extent. 

Really love what you got so far definitely was worth the 10 bucks, cant wait to see it develop further! keep on keepin on!


I haven't seen any games that promise that 


like I said "Most" is probably unfair to say but I've seen a handful that make that offer. personally I don't see why it matters its the same game regardless of the platform, the only thing that changes is where the game is located and save on your device

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

exactly it shouldn't matter to us because  we can download it no matter what but seeing as they have a publish fee on steam you know who it should matter to? The devs


Yes I would expect that because I already bought the game it sounds pretty reasonable to me especially since you can link your account with steam.


You own it on one website thats like asking to get a game free on Playstation because you have a xbox copy


Or to be more reasonable like asking for a switch game because you had it on 3ds


Lets not forget the upload fee on steam

Curious how development been going.


Slowly. There is a small rewrite needed on chapter 1 and chapter 2 is being blocked out atm.

Ah ok

why blocked?

it means being put into the engine without final art. Aka blocked out.

Just finished what you have so far. Writing is creepy, art is fantastic, and the H-scene is strangely erotic. For a game that is essentially a porn parody of The Ring, this is surprisingly competent. Good job!

Thank you! More coming soon!

Please add Chinese, I can't understand😭

Only once we are done with the full script will we be doing localisation to additional languages.


Are you planning on adding PayPal as a payment? I played a demo of this somewhere and I loved it!


No PayPal, they banned us for making pornography and stole money from us at the same time. They have also started a vendetta against adult game developers in general so you shouldn't trust them if you enjoy games like this. Hopefully you can find other payment methods acceptable or wait for the eventual steam release.


I cant wait to see the complete ver.

story and art are nice XD sorry for my poor english


Thank you for the kind words! We are working hard on it!


wait it's still no progress after the first scene? or did i miss something o.o?


Nope, as the post mentioned, we were simply porting the game which meant remaking it from scratch.


I waited 225 days for this.


We thank you for your patience. Building a stable game is very important as more chapters and content is added.


For a moment I thought I had to rebuy the whole game...


We wouldn't do that.