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do you play as a male or can you pick a intersex female like what the tags implied? i rather not buy a game again with misdirection again

Right now we have a male or female character selection. It is not reflected in game atm since we are early development. The eventual goal is to let players give the female a penis option, but we have not decided fully on that yet.


I really do hope that becomes a option down the line <3 going to pick this game up later then to play the female option then


Any plans for a VR Version? Id pay double for that. Otherwise that's a missed opportunity here.


We do have vr experience but it will need to be an afterthought to this game if we go about it.

Unable to pay for this. I would support you on Subscribestar or Patreon if i could

We have both a SubscribeStar and a Patreon. Just look for kinky fridays on both.


will there be a demo soon? i really would love to try it but im kinda skint right now and wont get paid until the end of the month


No demo until we can get the main game loop and all that required polish

any updates on sexy scenes and stuff? like what version they would prob be included in?

possibly next version. Goal number 1 though is making sure people can play it on older systems.

It won't let me buy it, it's giving me an error code. this is the only game that is doing this 

This is happening to me as well.

I wanted to get it before the price changed but just strait up wouldn't let me get it.


Eh? That is strange. Can you contact itch support? We are using stripe for the payment service so unless your card is not able to use that service you should be fine

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Im looking back at the previous versions and see there is a lot of features and girls in it not in the V006. What happened?

I dunno about features as they are all present here outside of a few animations. As for girls, we had to remaster them all after the previous modeller wanted to move off the project. We also could not use those models without significant reworking with unreal 5 rigs. So we chose to start fresh. That's about the extent of it. 


Is there gonna be a demo to this game.


Not for a long while. We are still building it.

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i wish i was able to support the project, but only thing lasts to russian gamers is pirate flag and bottle of rom

wish we could pay with paypal


You and me both. PayPal banned us because we were making these games. The irony is not lost on me.

I'm not sure why but after v005 i cant zoom or focus in the camera. I noticed that the controls were changed and I rebound them but it still didn't work. Is there something I can do on my side?

That is very strange. Did you have a controller plugged in?

very late reply but it may have been possible. Ill check soon


Somehow game is worse than before after the last update. Do you guys have support in your discord?


We do, there is a lot more in this build but I am not sure what you could mean by worse. Can you elaborate?


Game doesn't even start anymore. All I get is a main menu screen with a boat in it (although, there are no menu items, just a still background image). It immediately says not responding and then has a LowLevelFatalError. Before it at least ran for about 30sec before crashing. Not playable in its current condition. ;/

There is a readme in the game documents. Please take a look. It will instruct you how to find the game dependency files. Install that along with making sure your GPU drivers are up to date.

My laptop is to shitty I can't run the game.... aaahh!


Is there a way for the game to start on lower settings? Because I can't even see the main menu before the games freezes. 

help please!


Join our discord and post there. We will get you sorted.

Yo, where that Sexxy Hen at?? 

Don't you start with me *shakes fist*


Can I buy this game with paypal? 


Not right now, PayPal has banned us because we make porn. Go figure.


Thanks for the linux sku! Bought it as soon as I saw it was available. It has a few bugs for me (can't move the limbs in the doll system) but otherwise it works. Running the game through wine also works well.

So far it looks good and the models are really nice.

One request: please add the option to remove camera bobbing, I got a little motion sick after a while.

Currently we have an issue where if you made any key rebinding the doll system kinda breaks. I will look into the head bobbing stuff, see what we can do.


Only really interested in girl/girl stuff. I'm assuming since there's no gender select mentioned in desc that it's a male PC exclusively.

But in the name of making sure I don't pass up a cool game, I figure I'll ask anyway: Can you play as a female or even futa in this game?


There is a gender selection between a male and female. Naturally we are not at the point in development for that to truly matter. As for fxf yes it will be represented in the game. It's all female monsters with futa, and you can currently turn off the futa content.

Hope that helps!

I see that you guys have a steam page for the game. 

When do you guys think the release would be for it?

Perhaps when we get closer to early access standards, no promises that it will come anytime soon.

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It's nice to see progress, thanks for the hard work. There's still nothing notably striking about the game besides the base concept, but I still have high hopes. I do have complaints.

Volume slider for music doesn't do anything. May be my circumstance, not sure if others have the same issue.

The gallery needs a system by which you can select and delete photos en masse, clicking one at a time and selecting delete is tedious. Keeping the gallery open in explorer.exe on monitor 2 is a workaround, but not an elegant implementation.

Don't want to be a debbie downer, it's still an awesome concept, and as long as you make steady progress I can see this evolving into a very fun game. I'm sure you're aware of and are working on what I have mentioned, I just wanted to speak up.

The base concept is a great way to contextualize what seems will eventually be sex simulator with extra steps and actual goals. Once you roll out posing and interactions with the mons I would say it is worth its current cost.

What I hope to see in the final product is quests, a basic story, a way to give the photos value (like trading for currency which you can by props, toys, interactables), and perhaps a system of upgrades for your equipment, it would also be nice to have a camera stand and remote triggering for the camera.

Good luck, I wish you the best and look forward to progress

Had to retract some of my complaints, turns out I apparently don't pay attention XD

I modified the default keybinds, and this seems to break some of the systems. I cannot find the settings file. Tried a reinstall but it preserved my keybinds. Where are the setting stored? Never mind, found the "restore default" button, it only shows up when you highlight a keybind to change.


Sweet this is quality feedback. First let's start with the save file location, if you rebound your keys you won't be able to access the doll system right now. We are working on a hotfix but the location of the save game is here


Just delete that guy and you'll be able to use the default settings without issue.

"Volume slider for music doesn't do anything. May be my circumstance, not sure if others have the same issue."
We will fix this one.

"The gallery needs a system by which you can select and delete photos en masse"
This is coming in a future patch for sure. We will have it tied to progression and deal with "saving photos" in a different manner, aka the temp photos are deleted after each session unless you save them.

"What I hope to see in the final product is quests, a basic story, a way to give the photos value (like trading for currency which you can by props, toys, interactables), and perhaps a system of upgrades for your equipment, it would also be nice to have a camera stand and remote triggering for the camera."
The game will have a main narrative to follow, along with side objectives and a pokedex to fill out. Camera will have hidden upgrades in the map, including lenses, fire modes, storage, filters, etc. There is also player tools, throwable bait, etc. Dunno about the camera stand, but we might do something with that idea, maybe.

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Can I get a refund the game does not have graphics settings, + there is nothing to do ingame apart watch a monkey spank itself! "capture the Monster Girls as they socialize, hunt, sleep, and mate, and hopefully come out in one piece." " Explore many unique locations and capture/catalog the wildlife on display." and "Bond with the Monster Girls in their unique environments, and experience new sensations!", do not exist at all within the game! I understand this is a pre order for alpha, but come on? Advertising Lewd scenes and different gameplay? your robbing people!


I mean you do understand it yourself, what you're paying for is a preorder to the game, with access to our development builds. As for settings menu that is coming on September 1st, since we are patching monthly, along with the first iteration of our lewd system.

If you want a refund, please use the official itch services to refund your purchase.


Maybe you should actually advertise the fact this game is barely functional. Rather than use the fully animated trailer that doesn't represent your game in any way.

We are hard at work building the game, think of your purchase as a preorder with access to the alpha as we build it.


if i buy it on here would i get a key for steam or is it seperat


Your purchase on Itch you would get the Itch game files and all future updates. If you purchase on Steam once it is released you own the steam version of the game.

They do not mix, they are separate storefronts.

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They do mix ,generally speaking.

I've had games from here that the dev gives you a steam key.

Why should one pay for the same game files twice.


Sorry no. They are seperate points of purchase and that is how we will treat them. If you're looking to get the game on Steam then simply wait for the game to be made available there.

any lewd scene here?


Not until the next patch v005 will we have sexual content outside of nudity.

around what date will said patch be released

We ran outta time for the partner stuff in v005, so v007 is looking like we might get to it. Which is October 1st.

sure thing, cant wait to see it


If i buy this will i have acces to the full game when it comes out


Yes. Is there any reason to believe otherwise?


im just wondering thank you for the quick answer


FSR support in future?.

Not sure what that is. Can you elaborate?

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution.

Is that a graphics card or something?

Looks like it does not support UE5, which is what we use. You should be able to play without issue though.

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I got this game a month or so ago but had to request for a refund because the performance was... well... terrible. The game looks amazing, but if you can't play it because of optimization issues with no real way of changing the game settings, it becomes pretty much useless. I was getting max 20-30 FPS making it basically unplayable.

 However, it looks like we can NOW change the settings to possibly help performance and some other things changed since I've last played, so I'll buy it again and give it another go. I'll update the post later to explain how it went.


Ok... things aren't looking good. Game crashes with a LowLevelFatalError many times I tried playing, and I have to close it via task manager. Not sure why. I don't see any actual menus and I can't change my settings. Somehow, FPS is even worse than before I'd say at 5 or less. 

I've played games far more demanding, so I don't get it. I guess I'll have to wait for many future optimizations to EVEN PLAY THE GAME. If devs see this, how do I access settings??? I want to see if changing the games video settings will help at all, but I don't know how to get to that. 


The current build va004 has no options for configuration. The next build to be released around September 1st v005 will include settings and tools to better control the quality levels of the game. It's also worth pointing out we have done zero work for optimization in the game that will likely need to be addressed earlier than we anticipated if most people are having issues with stock unreal engine 5.

Tldr: next patch coming September 1st will be the first steps to addressing  optimizations.

Ok cool. Will be looking forward to it. I really do want to play, but it just won't work at all rn ;(

I guess I'll wait for the next few builds before deciding if I need it refunded. I hope all goes smoothly.

Yeah there is a lot of configurations you can make in the next build v005. Hold out for that one.

Check the new patch, we did a lot of changes for performance

Deciding on if I should buy it on itch or wait to buy it on steam. Will there be a difference in update release dates, if so when would come out first? Is a Steam release coming out in the near future?

All stores get updates at the same time. I have no plans for a Steam release yet, if we do participate in Steam's Early Access program it will be once the game is basically complete, or at least very very very polished. Otherwise, it will be when the game is finished.

is there any way other way to buy the game, or could you enable paypal as a payment option here? the game is sadly not available on steam in my region. I know another game that also had this issue got past that by selling their steam keys on humble.

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PayPal banned our account because we make adult games. So it's not an option for us. We will look into more stores but so far most platforms only take full games.


it wont let me buy it

As stated before we do nit have PayPal as a payment option due to the nature and subjects of our games (porn) please use a credit card to make the transaction.


i was using a card and it still said no

Okay, there isn't much I can do for you there. If your card was declined on Stripe (which is the payment gateway Itch uses) there isn't much else we can offer.

15 bucks for the PRE ORDER of the ALPHA VERSION? Mmmmmm idk...


All good, vote with your wallet. But let's be real, the preorder is for the full version of the game, the alpha version is icing on the cake.

I'm unable to purchase the game 

Sorry to hear this, I wish we can get PayPal working but they banned us from using it.


any plans for other payment methods or getting paypal as payment method back (InHeat has paypal as payment method maybe because they have a sfw version) because I rly wanna buy and play the game :0

We are actually banned on Paypal. So we cannot use it.

i just got the game what do i do?

The first build which is the one you have right now has the core photography mechanics and some basic ai with simple exploration tech as well. There isn't any real objective just a first build.


game looks incredible! was just wondering, is there any plans or future plans to add any futa or other things like that to the game?

Futa is already in the game now. So yes.


Really want to play the game, but sadly can't. It just keeps crashing at the controls screen.


The next patch will help. Please wait until then, it will have options for configuration and settings so you can tweak them.

No worries. I've been following the game well over a year now. I ain't about to abandon things now ;D

Heck yea!

why no paypale?

Adult games and or content are against Paypal's terms of service so they probably got suspended or just didn't apply


Yep, we got suspended.

Any plans for a linux build? And if not, has anyone tried running this with wine/proton?


I have not made any attempts for making any other SKUs for the game yet. But if the process is good we can. It won't get much internal testing though 

We now are building Linux versions however our testing on Linux is limited so we will be relying on customer feedback. 

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When the game comes out on steam will this still be getting updates on itch?


Yes? I have no idea why people would expect otherwise.

Hey, my computer can't run this game but can run Under contract. Can I trade this game for that, instead of getting the refund?


Wouldn't even know how to do that lol. The next patch will include a settings menu to scale things on your PC.

Before i buy this, question, how much is the minimum required Ram?

We do not have specifics yet but the ram required should be little. I would say 4gb on the safe side.

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