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My bosses are LITERALLY from hell! The only way out of this is to suit up and climb the corporate ladder to make this company mine! Under Contract is a high-skill match 3 arcade game with a comedy-driven narrative that’s guaranteed to lighten a load or two!

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane that will scratch the itch for the quarter-guzzling arcade puzzle games of yesteryear. Similar to Magical Drop and Money Puzzle Exchanger.

Under Contract modernizes the trimmings by delivering an extensive campaign, expansive puzzle variety, dimension sprawling narrative, and all the extra modes you could ever want.

Rescue your coworkers, screw your bosses, fuck your way up the cultporate ladder, and decide your own fate!

Are you ready for some overtime?


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Under Contract v0.4.7 - Installer (RECOMMENDED) 818 MB
Under Contract v0.4.7 - Manual Zip (ADVANCED USERS ONLY) 905 MB

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Under Contract NSFW Demo v2.9.zip 713 MB

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i cant get arcade mode to work for me. ive tried to re-download and it still didnt work

Delete your save file in appdata it's likely something has gotten corrupted.

I've deleted my save files in appdata and it still isn't working; it just keeps freezing every time I select it.

will there be a way we could buy the ost ?

The ost is sold on steam and gog. I am not sure how to do it here on itch.

Can you bring it out on Android so I can buy it?

Perhaps. The size of the screen makes it difficult tbh. We will try once we have nailed much of everything else.

hi i want to purchase ur game with paypal but i cant ! why is that?

We are banned from using PayPal because we make adult games. It is against their TOS.


this is art



could we get an android version of this ?
then i would be more then interested ^^


We would need to change a lot about it gameplay wise. But it is always a possibility.

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If you ever decide to do it hit me up
You guys have 3+ games im interested at but ill usually play on my phone before going to sleep for obvious reasons ^^

Well keep an eye open here for the news about if and or if we do it.

Not sure why I'm doing this, but I wanted to ask if anyone has a free steam key for the game. 

I'm curious if it actually let's me use that in germany. It's a weird situation and I'm unsure what is blocked, if it's even that.


It likely would not work. I got a key for a game from a friend's humble bundle in another region and it told me it was unusable because the key was region specific.

okay wow, well thank you, it's annoying what steam is currently doing.

any explanation for the vending machines? if its a spoiler then dont bother, just curious

They will be changed to computers for the player to access things like email and some other things. Maybe. At least that is what we want to do so far.


Tonight is another Dat Shorts Review! We check out Kinky Fridays Under Contract! A sex game with just as much adrenaline in the gameplay as there is in the cutscenes!

i am confused with the last gate. I went to all the vending machines and it always tells me it's broken. When i got to the bliss gate it says it needs 4 keys and that it is obvious. I think i'm dumb or something isn't working in my game.

You can find all four keys in the last circle. It's on each double vs battle node.

Does a purchase on this page include future updates?

Yes, of course!

everytime it enters or leaves a dream the game is stuck on a loading screen

Yep, I know of this bug, we will work on a hotfix for it. Thank you for the report!

Okay, hotfix uploaded to Itch, thank you very much for finding this bug and reporting it!

Any idea if/when we might be getting keybinds to hide the dialogue box and see dialogue history? The latest patch is great btw!


Hide box and ui we could add, I dunno about the history stuff since we built everything ourselves. I'll bring it up with the team though.

will there be a android version soon?

No plans for it just yet, other than some kinda "wouldn't it be nice" talks. So we would love to make a version of it, but we would need to make some consideration for how it plays to make it work there.

I do believe it'll increase user amount by a bit so definitely look into it! :)

Are the graphics realtime or pre-rendered, they look really good

Pre-rendered. Thanks for the complement!

i fought all the duo demons and when i got to the bliss gate it said i didnt have any. Plus i dont know if it was a bug but while they sometimes did have different inital comments they always said the exact same thing after the figh

In that build they were not 100% implemented. The next patch coming early May will have all that content and more.

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Are the animations a bit choppy or is it just my computer? its not bad it's just claymationesque.

also can't wait for the full game!

Yeah it's got seconds removed.

I’m actually planning on learning about game design and general programming, do you mind explaining why the seconds were removed, was that intentional, or automated, if it’s intentional what purpose does it serve?

You mean aside for visual purposes? Everything was animated that way intentionally to be striking.

ah okay, I was just confused it is unique and on a second replay I do like it, it was just janky, and a little bit jarring at first.

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So how many of the reward scenes are actually animated, do you plan to animate all of the girls and are you planning on adding a gallery mode?

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All reward scenes are animated in the next patch. All future reward scenes will also be animated. When you say "animate the girls" can you clarify what you mean here? Yes, a gallery mode will come after we finish off Department 1 fully.

I meant the office demons, the grunts basically. Are you able to disclose the info on when will the next patch drop? Also, one more question, are you going to add the option to change the keybindings?

Keep up the great work, I'm really invested into this game!

Yeah, all scenes are animated including the office demons (there is an example at the top of the page). Key Bindings for the Keyboard are already in (in the new patch and demo we just released).

So when will you grace us with the new patch release? 


We wanna finish up a few of the boss fights but then yeah we should drop it. Maybe a few weeks. Maybe.

Does Kelly have her scene yet?

We have it made but it is not in any build just yet.

Is the game 32 bit compatible?


We don't build for either specifically so yes, it should work without issue.

Well Frida have a sex scene?





If i purchase on here, will it also unlock on steam once there is more than the demo? Or any chance at opening up the steam version to "early access"?


We are working towards an early access release on Steam at the moment. If you purchase here you will not get a steam key as they are completely different stores.

The plan is the following. Update the demo to include all the new content (we are like 90% done with that now), then build enough wishlists and release on Early Access on steam.


ah right on! I just read the dev blog and looks like you guys have been working hard! Any idea of a ballpark timeframe on the early access/updated demo on steam? (zero pressure or anything) absolutely loving the vibe and story (ok and the little comments and hints at some kink inclusions have me hopeful and excited about some things, like the masked demons talking about "clapping" the main character's cheeks hehehe) anyway, definitely following this game, i'd rather own on steam but i'm getting to the point where i want to continue the story and such and regardless of the store i'm gonna buy it lol


Thank you for the positive vibes on the game! We will launch on Steam once our wishlists reach the desired number to help with the initial sales of the game. As for Richard getting pegged it is undecided atm, as that would be a loss state for the game since Richard is usually the top in all his scenarios.

Perhaps we can have a special event, but I am not sure yet. Let's see about it in Chapter 2!

Heck yea! I havent even finished chapter one yet LOLOL I am ready for more!

Our next patch will include all areas of Chapter 1. The public release right now is only a small section.

game looks so good and promising too, hope y'all developers wont abandon or something. Well i wish you developers best of luck !!

Still working on it, check the latest news for information on what we are building!

will there be an android version?:/


Maybe, but it will need to be different from the main game due to the size of the screen.

not gunna lie was kinda worried that you dropped the game and i was scared that i was gunna get left on a cliffhanger 

naw we in it for the long haul!

did you drop the project by any chance?


Nope working really hard on it. The next patch will have sooooo much content. 

then I'm sorry for distracting you from work

Heh, it's alright. Glad you're excited for more UC.


Honestly, super fun. Can't wait to see a gallery mode implemented and at first I was a lil confused but when I figured it out it was great. Big thumbs up! You are doing amazing


Hey, thank you! We have a lot of work done with the game right now, currently sitting at 30,000 words in the game that we are cleaning up and making better flow. There is a lot that will be added to the next patch. Things like a new combo collapse feature, companions with coworkers, and lots more animated sex scenes (like a whole lot). Way too much.

Oooh im super excited!

How many hours of content are there currently in the game?


About 2-4 depending on skill level.

Would buy the game if there would be an option for paypal.

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Paypal banned us, so that's not gonna happen lol. Why you ask? For making a porn game.

That doesnt make sense


Adult content is against their TOS. They banned us.

People in some countries can't buy the game over steam since adult games are banned. If you also don't have a credit card but some other card you can use everywhere, there's no possibility to buy the game :/

We cannot do anything about that, the issue at least least on Itch is out of our control. Try GOG or steam.

Not the biggest fan of the gem system.


It's based off an old game called Magical Drop for natgeo. We put our own spin on it for parts. It's not for everyone I guess.

Hey there! Really enjoying the game but I just had a couple questions. I see content with the other coworker and the boss, but when I played the game, I didn't see a way to get those animations. Is that just for preview? I just don't want to feel like I missed something or I'm missing out. Thanks!


they are currently previews for content coming. The boss one will be a scene first before the other coworker.


I really want to get but its not worth until it comes out on steam


How does a sales platform determine the worth of a video game? It will be the same product on all platforms.

when is the new update?

Soon. I am moving house atm so I'm without things like internet and the like. Once that is all active again we can finish up the build.

I have two questions currently. Is there a gallery? Or if there are any plans to add one if not. Lastly if we purchased this version will we need to purchase further versions as well? or would it just be a free/discounted download patch? Thank you for your time!


We do plan for a gallery in the game for sure, it's likely to be something you can access from the overworld. If you purchase the game you'll own the full game. Meaning all updates and such for the game will be yours.

Thats awesome! I just joined the discord server earlier, so i look forward to future updates! So far one of the best games ive played on itch.io!


Hey, thank you for the kind words! We are making a brand new update very soon, I am just overworked with a house move at the moment. Once that is done expect something very cool to drop!

Very nice, quite like the gameplay although its quite simplistic 

Thank you! We wanted to keep the gameplay nice and simple so we can focus on player precison.

i just bought a game only monika's scene available? not possible to pass other gates for other girls?

Correct, we are in development. Expect more content soon!


My god, if only it were available for Mac.


Hey sorry, we have no real way to test on Mac systems right now. Supporting something we are not 100% sure is running as intended isn't something we want to start doing. Glad you like what you see though!

Hi I bought the game and enjoyed it a, but I realized the 2.8.0 file is actually the 1.0 one, and was not allowed to go down any other path except monica's
To reiterate, I was charged money for the free demo.

Yes, we are currently in heavy development of the game, the reason we pushed early was to support our backers from Kickstarter. The full in-development version will be dropping in a few hours as we are finalizing that right now. It is worth pointing out that we have several more months to go before we will consider this game complete, and we are looking forward to all the feedback that will come in!

Just letting you know we updated the build, hope you enjoy!

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Is it published cause I still had the 1.0 even after buying it or is there something I needed to do to update the files

Hello thanks for the support. You will need to download the v010 version to get the new build. To see the new content you'll need to replay some of the levels as no new nodes where added to the map just yet.

(1 edit)

Which levels do I need to replay to see the new content?

Any would be fine. The Large Puzzles have new gems, and the bottom right nodes have the bubbles.

Thank you! I really appreciate the work that you guys do, and I'm looking forward to more updates and games by you.


Hi guys, been following this but still lost. Which levels do I have to replay? and Can I load the save or do I need to start fresh?

Every gameplay node has an update, so you can just walk to any node and enter it to replay.

Pity the KS didn't make it, but it can be tough to stand out, I suppose.  As a backer, I do appreciate the offer to buy it here, but I hope it's alright that I plan to wait for the Steam version.

I'll be all over it when it gets there, though.


Not a problem! Thank you for the support!

Is there anything added in the game with the new update?


It's not a new update, it's a temp file added to enable purchases for our Kickstarter backers. A new update is coming in the next few weeks.


Ahh, good too know.

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