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💋 Date beautiful women and solve tricky puzzles in Pieces of my Heart, a premium animated jigsaw puzzle game. 💋 Beautiful women are looking for love, by solving their puzzles you unlock their hearts and companionship.

💋Beautiful hand-drawn and animated CG scenarios.
💋A full complement of voice acting by industry professionals.
💋Beautiful dates and a huge amount of titillating unlockables!
💋Engage in intractable sex scenes, excite your date with foreplay mode, please her with the detailed sex animations, and satisfy your urges with the cum play system.
💋Lots of puzzles to complete.
💋3 levels of difficulty.

💗Date beautiful women and solve tricky puzzles in Pieces of my Heart, a premium animated jigsaw puzzle game. Fifteen beautiful women are looking for love, by solving their puzzles you unlock their hearts and companionship.

💗Get to know charming ladies with the amazing dating app, Titter. Connect with your chosen date, message each other, and take the plunge! Arranging a date is as simple as that, unlocking their hearts to deepen your bond? That is all for you.

💗Shuffle, rotate, collect, and connect pieces of a puzzle to unveil your date progression. Unlock new exciting elements of each date and learn more about what they all like! Finally, charm your companion to become intimate!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Paypal pls <3


Baned on paypal, sorry.

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Hello, congrats on gog release, bought it right away, but i have one probem/bug. Despite getting stars, no new girls unlock, i only have available the first three characters.

Edit: i'm dumb, just discovered you have to 'try' to play a locked character to unlock iy wit stars, now it makes sense they had such low numbers

Also as a side question, is the game finished or is there any possibility for future content updates? Also an even harder mode after completing the current three difficulties would be really cool


We do have some content in the sidelines but for now we have no plans to release it. More like it's cut content. So consider the game fully released. Glad you like the game!

so ...artist/s?

curious. please and thanks

The game has a credit page but the artist is Erkerut.

Is this compatible with joiplay

Dunno what that is so I'll say no.

it's the app that allows some pc games to be played on android

Download dosn't work.

Considering the build is final and that it has not been changed for a good long while I doubt that is the case. Please try once more, or maybe go into more detail on what the issue is you're having.

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I tried the download link but it did not work at all.

We weren't able to load this page

This link either never worked, is no longer active, or you don't have permission to visit it. If you expect something here you can contact support.

Common reasons for this link not working:

  • If you purchased a gift, and clicked on this link from a gift receipt email, then you're seeing this page because you already sent the gift
  • If you bought something, then linked it to your account, you can only access it while logged into your account
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  • You mistyped or copy and pasted the link incorrectly, check again

Dunno what to tell you there. Try contacting itch support.


Purchased this on Steam before I realized it was available here.  That's my only complaint.  ;)  Easily the best casual hentai I have ever had the pleasure of getting my hands on.  Also probably the only reason I even looked at Wet Nightmares, which isn't my usual genre.  You should consider more cross-over material as future games release.  It certainly worked on me!

Hey, thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked the game! What is your favorite part if you don't mind me asking?

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The "Titter" mechanic is what really stood out to me.  Great way to highlight each girl's personality.  (Guess it helps that I also really liked a lot of the personalities.)  I think someone else mentioned that it adds pressure when building a combo, but I did one playthrough to focus on the conversations and a separate one to focus on speed.  Worked out nice for me.

I might have mis-designed something as "speed" never really changes anything other than saying if you did better than the first time you did it. Everyone seems to get hung up on the timer.

Eh, pretty sure that's a bug in the end-user you're dealing with.  ;)  You put a timer on almost anything and someone out there (e.g. this guy) is going to feel the urge to "beat the clock".  Or in this case, see how many pieces of this puzzle I can get to assemble themselves on my behalf.


I got this on steam ages ago, and I got to say, this is a sparkling gem among a sea of shitty hentai puzzle games. Kudos to you guys.


Awww! Cheers! That is so kind of you to say! We worked really hard on this game, and we hope to one day add more content to it once we are done with the next few games we are currently working on! Glad you enjoyed our hard work!

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Is this game finished or will there be a new update


We are looking to do one more update.

Is there a link to the steam version?

Sure, the profile can be found here https://store.steampowered.com/app/1226640/Pieces_of_my_Heart/


Can you fix so i can pay with credit card? because i cant pay with pay pal 

Can you not use a credit card with Paypal? I was sure you could.

very sorry i dont own a PayPal because i dont like it and its kind a long story but Thanks for responding btw. 

and i hope its not a big problem about it? 

The game is also sold on Steam and Nutaku. Feel free to purchase there if you're having issues with using the payment system here.

I can try. Thanks so much.


I was positively surprised to see a new update with more content for your game. Already enjoyed it a lot so far but more is always appreciated.

The new voicelines and new unlockable pictures definitely add a lot to the game and give another opportunity to replay all the dates :)

There are two small things though I'd like to mention for the 1.7 update.

The first is that the new pictures you can unlock during the conversation part can't be seen in the respective girls' menu afterwards. An option to see those new pictures there as well would be great (or did I miss it somewhere??).

The second concerns the first date puzzles of the girls. While I like the addition of voice lines, having your date comment on each match when you start a combo feels a bit excessive and tbh also a bit annoying, maybe toning down the frequency here would be a good idea. The moaning is fine in the second date though :o)

Just my two cents. Keep up the good work.

Hey there, thanks for the feedback! I am overjoyed you are enjoying the new update!

1. The unlocks were never intended to be visible on the main menu but we can look into it.
2.  We could look into the frequency for the puzzle grunts, I was quite happy with how they worked but if we get more feedback we will look into the change.

Thanks again for getting in touch, and I hope you keep enjoying the game!

Hey there, just wanted to report a bug. When you're at the end of a puzzle (cant remember which one), and you use the special move thing with only one piece left, it will lock its self on the table, making the puzzle impossible to complete. Not sure if this is one time thing, but it happened to me on hard mode. 

Love the game! Hope to see more soon!  

Huh, interesting. I will look into it! Glad you're enjoying the game!

I very much enjoy the game. One complaint though: I feel like completing the higher-difficulty puzzles should unlock the achievements for the lower level puzzles (like, completing hard for a girl should count for the one below if that makes sense). Otherwise, it feels like it takes a long time to unlock everything.

We are working on it atm. It's a fine line to give people an enjoyable game while also making content a little more difficult to unlock. We will have something next patch.

Love the game! Has a really nice art style and gameplay feels like you're actually working for what you earn.

I do have one bug though, on a couple of girls (the skater girl and the redheads's. I'm sorry I forgot their names) there is a bug where the the cursor will freeze in place but you're able to move pieces without it and some the graphics will start to glitch, often making the level unplayable. I wasn't sure if it was just on my end until I realized every other girl worked fine, just those two.

I do love the game and hope to see more from your devs soon.

This is a unity bug that we have run into, in order to fix it we would need to either rebuild the entire game or wait for a shadergraph fix from unity to fix it. We have decided to focus on new content for the game as a priority for the time being. Glad you like the game though!

This is a simple game and I love for it !!
It is a bit weird to have such a change of pace between puzzles and then the sex scenes, but I love the idea of having to do the puzzle AND having to talk with the girl without losing a beat


Hey there, thank you for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the game!

when can this be made accessible for android?

this is something we want to move into eventually. Not sure I can give you a timetable on that though.