PomH v1.6.2 Patch

Hello everyone, thank you all very much for your constant feedback for our game! We have gone ahead and made a few more changes to the game to help new players and old players find a more rewarding experience in the game!

As always please continue to send your feedback to our development staff on the Steam forums or within our dedicated community Discord channel!

PomH Changelog v1.6.2:

New Additions:

  • Unlockable backgrounds added to the game.
  • Puzzles now have combo vocals. We will be adding more if you all like them.
  • Added a reset button on puzzle pages, this will allow players to reattempt the puzzle they are on if they make a mistake on the dialogue choice. If there are any complications then this will also reset that, however, we should have fixed all of the bugs that make that happen.
  • Added a new tutorial line for attempting to make a rotation in easy mode. It will be voiced very soon.


  • Cum emission optimizations, should run a lot smoother now.
  • Game difficulty reduced by a large margin. Puzzle sizes are smaller and combos are easier to keep. If die-hard fans want the original difficulty to remain we can add a master mode.
  • Updated to latest Unity version to fix issues with optimizations.

Thanks for playing Pieces of my Heart! Be sure to leave a review for the game on our Steam profile and join our growing community on Twitter and Discord!


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Feb 23, 2021

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