Bright shining Stars!

The stars have aligned! The biggest update for Pieces of my Heart is out right now! In this build we have so lovingly called the “Stars” update will have players collecting an in-game currency surprisingly called stars, and using that same currency, unlock new dates and puzzles to play!

By simply playing the game as you normally would you will gather stars like the pimps and pimpettes you all are, playing on harder difficulties will reward more than easier difficulties, along with some other interesting methods to boot! You can find more information about the stars left to gather on a date from the Stars button on the main menu.

Along with unlocking dates and selfies, you can now customize ya dong and ya spunk with a variety of colors and effects! Each girl will have a flesh and cum option available for unlocking by simply beating the puzzle on various difficulties. As more girls get added to Pieces of my Heart more customization options will be available for experimentation!

We will likely modify the costs of date unlocks in a later patch, but for now, the process for unlocking everyone can be done by playing everyone on the easiest difficulty. The goal is to add replay value to existing dates, we hope you’ll enjoy the new update and be willing to express feedback on the system! Now onto the changelog!

PomH Changelog v1.4.0:
New Additions:

  • Added stars currency system and currency indicator.
  • Added purchasing system to the main menu.
  • Added customization menus for hands and fluids.
  • Added cum sprite customization.
  • Added unlocked reminder page and unlocked sting SFX.
  • Added stars guide menu.
  • Added post-session results screen.
  • Encrypted new save file.
  • Added selfie, puzzle, cum position rewards.
  • Added star reward indicator on the difficulty selection panel.
  • Storing replays in new save file.
  • Storing par times in new save file.
  • Added current time to main menu phone.
  • Added game completion indicator as phone battery on the main menu.
  • Game completion percentage tied to new save file.
  • Added switch for removing messages indicators within puzzle section in the options menu.


  • Replaced main menu BG scroll Shadergraph.
  • Replaced puzzle BG scroll Shadergraph.
  • Optimised background scrolling effects.
  • Removed old music code.
  • Removed Game_controller_inspector.cs.
  • Fixed subtitle delay.
  • Removed old skin tone selection method.
  • Fixed default difficulty selection on new installs.
  • Removed console from the game.
  • Fixed puzzle piece selection from the pause menu.
  • Timer prevention for 999999.
  • Fixed timer code in puzzle scenes.
  • Slower times no longer replace best times.
  • Converted time code to SS:MS format.
  • Fixed music randomizer cutting fanfare SFX.
  • Fixed Madison puzzle1 background being slightly transparent.
  • Fixed sex continue button SFX.
  • Fixed Madison right hand flip during breast foreplay animations.
  • ReDrew Madison sex background layers.

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Nov 20, 2020

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