It seems the Titter girls have something to say! Welcome to the Conversation update to Pieces of my Heart version 1.7.0. This update has been in the works for quite some time, a lot of work has been done and we will likely continue to make tweaks to this update going forward since so much has changed.

Every single date in the game now has a full conversation tree in the Cute Mode reward scene, overall we added 1 full hour of recorded dialogue to the game and 12 new unlockable reward images for bridging the gap between the Cute and Slut Mode scenes.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time with this patch (almost two months so far) so the localization work will have to come in a later patch, my apologies non-english speakers! We also will be reworking how loud the new dialogue content is in the next patch, so for now, if everything is a little too loud, simply adjust the vocal slider in the options menu just a fraction and the game will correct itself.

PomH Changelog v1.7.0:

New Additions:

  • 12 new fully voiced conversation trees added to released dates.
  • 12 new reward images for completing conversation trees correctly.
  • Puzzle Vocals added to both Cute Mode and Slut Mode for all released dates.
  • Replaying dates always awards Stars depending on difficulty.
  • New tutorials added to explain the conversion tree.


  • Minor difficulty tweaks applied to puzzles.
  • Temp volume adjustments made to the vocal slider in the options menu.
  • Removed unused unlock spaces to avoid confusion.

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Apr 26, 2021

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New images are pretty awesome and definitely incentivises replaying Cute Mode

Glad you like them!

"Replaying dates always awards Stars depending on difficulty" yessssss that makes the grind to get all the selfies a bit more worthwhile, thank you. Looking forward to getting back into this game ^_^


Happy to make changes! We are always open to feedback!