PomH v1.6.3 Hotfix

A quick patch today, the previous patch included an engine upgrade for Unity which introduced a new codec for h264 videos in engine that no longer supported Windows 7 operating systems. Meaning if you owned Pieces of my Heart and played on Windows 7 PC’s you would have a game-breaking bug where transitions could no longer work and would freeze the game.

We have now fixed that, it took a bit of time to find what was causing it, but now if you are on Windows 7 the game will see this by default and use a VP8 codec which is supported by the native OS codecs and work. Anyone on a newer operating system will not be affected.

However, if there are still issues for you, please take a look within the options menu for the transitions toggle. Turning it off will remove the transitions altogether and allow you to play without issue.

As always please continue to send your feedback to our development staff on the Steam forums or within our dedicated community Discord channel!

PomH Changelog v1.6.3:
New Additions:

  • VP8 transition codec support added for Windows 7 operating systems.
  • Transition toggle switch added to option menu.


  • Operating System detection measures implemented for correct selection of transition files.

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Feb 25, 2021

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