Mega Update v1.2 is now live!

Hey Homies, version 1.2 of Pieces of my Heart is out now! Stufffffffffffed full of new goodies!

1.2 brings new optimizations to the FPS and system load, throw in a bunch of community found bug fixes and changes as well! Now no one should have problems running our game. New confidence mode changes, no more premature firing! Charge it up and shoot it off when you’re good and ready! Replay the dates without the stress of Jigsaw puzzles… Just beat a date once to unlock both reward scene shortcuts.

Take your dates out for dessert with the brand new cream pie finishing option, you don’t need to worry about getting these hoes knocked up! Also, new “dick drunk vocals” are hidden in every sex scene, try and find them yourself!

PomH v1.2 Changelog:

  • Fix cum fluid optimizations. Asset no longer runs all the time.
  • Fix cum fluid system calls. Asset no longer uses so many resources to display.
  • 64x and 32x separation builds now accessible via Steam.
  • Reduced calls to puppet atlus during all visible actions. The game should run smoother as a result.
  • Message grouping optimizations added to stop duplicated texts and logic breaks.

New Features:

  • “Confidence Mode” aka the “combo meter” now charges a button, this allows players to activate the powerup when they desire.
  • “Confidence Mode” can be turned off completely via the options menu.
  • Brand new display pictures for the dates via the date selection menu.
  • “Swipe” buttons added to the main menu. Date selection should be easier.
  • Cute Mode and Slut Mode replay options are now unlockable in-game. This feature allows players to return back to both reward scenes. These are accessible from the date selection panel and are unlocked by beating the date on any difficulty once.
  • Creampie or cum inside animations have been implemented on all dates, this is a first look at the feature, the design, and implementation of it will be polished in later builds.
  • “Dick Drunk” vocals are now available, excessive ejaculations on and within the dates will result in new vocal lines.
  • Traditional Chinese localization added.


  • Puzzle pieces freezing on backgrounds have been fixed.
  • Missing text fixes on localization causing duplications of text.
  • Pressing ESC rapidly causing softlock has been fixed.
  • Quickly continuing on reward scenes bugs have been fixed.
  • Aurelie message text logic corrected.
  • Localization flag location now saving correctly.
  • Vsync options separated in the options menu.
  • Screen transition animation correctly placed.
  • Missing SFX for puzzle piece interactions added.
  • The color of the message timestamp swapped to be more readable.
  • Subtitle left and right padding added.
  • Music tracks pauses corrected in puzzle mode.
  • Shuffle zone size increased to make loose puzzle reading easier.
  • Zoom levels adjusted in all puzzle modes.
  • Message font size adjustments to make reading easier.
  • Player responses box resizing automatically.
  • The selfies exit icon moved for portrait images.
  • Cum colors modified for lighter scenes.
  • Date lipsync issues corrected.
  • Duplicate message text fixed on Amanda and Madison dates.

Known Bugs:
Unfortunately, we have some additional bugs that will be introduced into the game because of this build. We would have loved to continue working on them before releasing but I can no longer hold back the patch, you have all waited long enough.

  • External cum shots not landing correctly. Some of the dates are affected by aiming inconsistencies.
  • Cum shooting too early on some animations, in general animations will continue to be cleaned and optimized.
  • Animations missing on some dates for Internal cumming.
  • UI changes have resulted in a less than ideal layout and design.
  • Loading between scenes can sometimes play music or sound effects early.
  • Cute Mode/Slut Mode Replay button interactions to be reworked.

Work is almost done on the artwork for our first content pack release featuring two brand new girls to date! Please stay tuned for more information on that very soon!

Thanks for playing Pieces of my Heart! Be sure to leave a review for the game on our Steam profile and join our growing community on Twitter and Discord!

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Sep 21, 2020

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