Development Roadmap

Hello everyone! Pieces of my Heart is currently going through a metamorphosis of sorts… Since releasing our v1.2a hotfix for the ram consumption we have taken a greater look at the underlying issues that continuing on the current code base for the project would cause. Because of this, we believe it is important to rebuild our foundations correctly, fixing all of the issues plaguing the game. Allow me to introduce our new roadmap,  I hope you will all join us for this journey!

Development Roadmap

- Original Release - v1.0.0
- Language Update - v1.1.0
- Mega Update - v1.2.0
- RAM fix Patch - v1.2.1 (former v1.2a) 

Currently Here

- Clean Code Patch - v1.2.2  - Releasing - OCT 03rd 2020 (Saturday)
- Cum Polish Update - v1.2.3  - Releasing - OCT 10th 2020 (Saturday)
- Foundation Final Pass - v1.3.0  - Releasing - OCT 22nd 2020 (Thursday)

- Content Package 01 - v1.4.0
- Content Package 02 - v1.5.0
- Content Package 03 - v1.6.0
- Content Package 04 - v1.7.0

Full Release Here

- Content Package 05 - v1.8.0
- Content Package 06 - v1.9.0

This will be how everything will be released in the future for PomH, along with the new dates will be features and mechanics. As we get closer to the new content packs more information will be dropped as to what you can expect to be in there!

Thanks for playing Pieces of my Heart! Be sure to leave a review for the game on our Steam profile and join our growing community on Twitter and Discord!

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