Update v1.2.3

Hey hey hey! Welcome to the brand new Pieces of my Heart patch v1.2.3! Our focus this week was on building a far more stable setup for creating much better sex scenes. However we hit a road bump, our current system is using a plugin called Obifluids, which was designed for much more robust systems then what we are targeting. Because of this we have made a decision to move away from using the plugin in our eventual full release, but this will take time. Please understand that what we have released in this build is a temporary solution, our schedule aims to have the new custom system in place sometime after Content Pack 01 has been released.

Now that isn’t to say this build will disappoint, in fact we have a whole slew of new audio and sound effects added to the game, the resulting effect is very intense! I hope you enjoy!

PomH Changelog v1.2.3:
New Additions:

  • Added mouth/anal/vaginal fingering SFX
  • Added slow sex SFX
  • Added fast sex SFX
  • Added skin rub SFX
  • Added butt slap SFX
  • Added cum ejaculation SFX
  • Added cum hitting SFX
  • Added cum masking on date silhouette
  • Added new SFX pitch shifting for randomization
  • Foreplay actions now raise the lust bar


  • Fixed fluid emitters
  • Replaced old emitters with standard versions
  • Removed particle listing from CEventHandler
  • Removed component calls from CEventHandler
  • Created a CUM_PREFAB setting random texture itself


  • Obifluid emitters placed and timed correctly on all dates
  • Fixed collision holes on dates
  • Fixed missing cum aim on Amanda date
  • Fixed lust bar speed growth
  • Reverted to base Obifluid emitter settings (TEMPORARY)
  • Added lighting effects to Obifluid (TEMPORARY)
  • Changed cum sprite resolutions to 512x512

Known Bugs:

  • Cum does not look the way we would like it too, due to how intensive Obifluid is we will likely need to replace the system in a later patch, for now, this is a temporary measure until we can create our own replacement system. We are aiming to have this in post Content Pack 01 release.
  • Sex sounds looping too frequently
  • Aurelie left breast uses the wrong vocal

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Oct 11, 2020

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