Update v1.2.4

Welcome back for another sweet sweet patch for Pieces of my Heart! With our new code team we've been fixing the old code and bugs that your guys have raised and we're finally in a position to give you guys back what you want! More girls! As a thank you for your support we have a special surprise for you, dropping this Halloween.

We wanted to add more content to this build and release it on Saturday, however the blended animation system was way too tasty to sit on any longer. Along with the animation update we took the time to go through our community forum here on Steam and the suggestions found on our Discord server and implement some of the more requested features.

I hope you enjoy our new patch! 

PomH Changelog v1.2.4:
New Additions:

  • All animations in the game now blend smoothly. This is a huge improvement visually and makes the game feel and play a lot nicer!

Community Requests and Fixes:

  • After feedback from you guys on our forums, the combo-bar no longer reduces while interacting with the phone or when the options menu is open.
  • Added more 16:9 resolutions, and plans for super widescreen options soon!


  • Menu phone now starts on the last selected girl, instead of always defaulting to Olivia.
  • Fixed “You have new messages” popup appears on the fanfare event.
  • Added more 16:9 resolutions to options menu.
  • Fixed mip-mapping, resized all girl textures.
  • Corrected Aurelie scene cum to be pink.
  • Fixed clicking anywhere on girl during sex scene resetting the animation.
  • Changed 'loading' graphic on loading screen.
  • Fixed subtitles first few frames visual bug.
  •  All animations in game now blend together. 

Thanks for playing Pieces of my Heart! Be sure to leave a review for the game on our Steam profile and join our growing community on Twitter and Discord!


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Oct 16, 2020

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