Update v1.3.0

As the week slowly comes to a close we here at Kinky Fridays are working hard to bring you hot fresh updates to your favorite puzzle hoe ‘em-up, Pieces of my Heart. Version 1.3.0 is another massive change to the underlying foundation of the game. Within this patch, we have stabilized a lot of systems,  implemented global audio AI nicknamed FADER-1 - who we quickly considered lewding in PomH as a dateable character…

...but with a whopping 10 more dateable girls to add into the mix (not including our post-release content) we have enough on our plate as it is. Added in fancy new puzzle rotations, hint system, and lots more!

Remember Halloween is coming up, and it wouldn’t be Halloween without getting some strange! Some… very… strange… Stay tuned for more teasers starting next week!

PomH Changelog v1.3.0:
New Additions:

  • FADER-1 implemented into the game code, this AI is responsible for dynamically fading all audio transitions smoothly and perfectly.
  • Easy Difficulty reference picture hint enabled.
  • Smooth rotation animations added to smooth out mouse wheel and manual rotations of puzzle pieces.
  • Rotations now no-longer snap to the center of the puzzle piece.
  • Removed space between completed puzzle pieces.


  • Corrected Aurelie eye flicker.
  • Corrected audio slider mismatching with menu dialogue.
  • Fixed moans continuing to play after the audio is turned off.
  • Removed old music randomization code.
  • Disabled puzzle scripts running on date scenes.
  • Fixed various issues on GameController, Camera/phone/messages scripts.

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Oct 22, 2020

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