Update v1.3.2

Friends, countrymen, lovers… Welcome to our latest update for Pieces of my Heart! We are now onto version 1.3.2 and at this point, it will likely be the last patch focused on overhauling the original codebase we launched with. It is also worth mentioning that as of v1.3.2 the settings menu in the game options is fully functional. Please set the settings as you see fit!

Regrettably, this patch marks the death of the previous saving system the game had, it means all progress up until this point will need to be reset for all players, the new version guarantees a far more stable experience for loading and creates a foundation for what comes next. F’s in chat for all those dead save files. This will be the last time such an overhaul is needed.

PomH Changelog v1.3.2:
New Additions:

  • Added SFX for unlock buttons.
  • Added SFX to closing the jigsaw overview button and picture viewer.
  • Added missing SFX to all Menu buttons.
  • Added missing SFX to Menu sliders.
  • The game now defaults to Medium instead of very low on a fresh install.
  • Made graphics settings work, reduced to low/medium/high.
  • Can now switch and use foreplay from sex animations and back.
  • Fixed cum timer reduces faster now after cumming.
  • Made cum bar reduce in thirds in time with ejaculations.
  • Made creampie drain the cumbar.
  • Add memory leak check to PhoneController.cs.
  • Can now connect grouped pieces onto singles, multiple singles, or groups.
  • Combo pieces now all connect together correctly.
  • Added single pieces show red when can't be connected.


  • Removed UnloadAsset calls from code.
  • Stopped rendering of overview picture when not open.
  • Fixed locked render target to 65FPS.
  • Fixed cum collision on Samara's Background.
  • Fixed Olivia dick pop-in when clicks play button for the first time.
  • Fixed Penis doesn't appear on the sex scene for a while.
  • Fixed new message SFX played when congrats were onscreen.
  • Fixed clicking on date/sex replay makes no sound when clicked.
  • Fixed messaging/combo bug.
  • Fixed collision size on the puzzle phone.
  • Fixed changing settings (like difficulty) while transition animation is happening.
  • Fixed clicking mouse 1 on any loading screen makes the transition animation and loadscreen disappear.
  • Fixed Cum and Creampie buttons need to stop animating when clicked.
  • Fixed slow down when cum was onscreen, too many getcomponent calls.
  • Optimised Cum buttons, too many getcomponent calls.
  • Fixed Windows mode mouse lock to the window.
  • Fixed Can multiple clicks on sex scene buttons.
  • Fixed Make sure timer starts after the level has loaded.
  • Fixed Quality code was saving as a string and an int.
  • Fixed memory leaks in Save file code.
  • Fixed combo meter, and hand, and subtitle save data.
  • Removed firstAnimation.cs from the game.
  • Fixed duplicated global functions with the same name.
  • Fixed animation initialization crashes.
  • Fixed hidden menu bugs/memory leaks.
  • Fixed Increase click-speed on menu toggles.
  • Fixed - Lefty/Righty doesn't work when fresh install.
  • Fixed Combo meter text initially shows on and off.
  • Removed useless/broken GamePadControlls.cs script.
  • Improved mouse input lag slightly, known unity problem.
  • Improved frame-rate by 14% when cum is emitted.
  • Fixed messed up music bug when finished a puzzle.
  • Fixed Odd click sound plays whenever changing scene, or just entered a scene.
  • Fixed could click on foreplay when the scene is changing.
  • Sped-up flipping combo-meter menu toggle.

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Nov 09, 2020

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Will you ever make this game available on Android?

Eventually yes, we will get to it likely after November.

Woohoo, great to hear. This game looks great and thats the only thing stopping me getting it, I can only play on Android