Update v1.2.2

Friends, gentlemen, ladies, hornies, please welcome the latest patch to the Pieces of my Heart family version 1.2.2! In this amazing patch, we have gone back to basics to make sure the foundation of our game gets the best tender, lovin’ care possible! Our focus here was on optimizations, bug fixes, and stabilization. I am eager to hear your reports in our Discord and Steam Community Forum! You will notice some things missing around the cum and sex content due to things being reworked.

Our next patch due out the same time next week (October 10th) is going to be focused on cum, the sex experience, and making the game more lustful! More information on the times and release schedule for Pieces of my Heart, please read our Development Roadmap.

Until then enjoy!

PomH Changelog v1.2.2:
New Additions:

  • New Message Notifications.
  • Menu intro animation.
  • Temp loading icon to loading screen.
  • SFX: Menu scrolling, Button Return, Difficulty Selection, Phone Open, Sex UI Selection.
  • Hand animations added.
  • Added mouse Interest cursor.
  • Added mouse aim cursor.


  • New Audio Engine for playing multiple sound effects together.
  • Pool Manager Optimised for handling new and old audio/graphics appearing on the screen.
  • All graphics POT resize for better mipmapping.
  • Menu Scrolling optimizations.
  • Splash screen optimizations.
  • Backgrounds optimized.
  • Fixed showImageController issues.
  • Added Unity Garbage Collector to handle disposed assets.
  • Optimized cum textures.
  • Optimized game directory size.
  • Made lens zoom speed tied to the difference in lens focals.
  • Made lens zoom speed frame-rate dependent.
  • Link cum bar to frame-rate.


  • Audio canceling on moan vocals.
  • 3d puzzle piece tilt removal.
  • Message logic repaired.
  • Graphic artifacting fixed on loading and splash screens.
  • Fixed zooming effect in puzzles.
  • Fixed fanfare effect in puzzle.
  • Jigsaw completion time.
  • Difficulty and Replay button behavior.
  • Removed group selection box behavior.
  • Fixed part of the 'Eventsystem' bug, the game is slightly faster.
  • Removed skyboxes from all scenes.
  • Removed baked lighting from all date scenes.
  • Changed obnoxious vibrate sfx, - PhoneController.cs.
  • Jigsaw phone no longer plays vibrate SFX again when already open.
  • Fixed missing SFX on jigsaw phone - MessageController.cs.
  • Fixed Scrolling on jigsaw phone tries to scroll the jigsaw scene also.
  • Fixed Scrolling jigsaw phone messages.
  • Coded pan limits now alter depending on zoom in jigsaw.
  • Fixed dialog options bug hiding text on phone.
  • Changed SubtitleSystem to be a prefab. (SAFER)
  • Started fixing cumaim, repositioning incorrect cum emitters.
  • Fixed cursorAim.cs was missing from Amanda in the original code.
  • Fixed creampie offsets for all girls from the original code.
  • Fixed missing sprite references from original cum code.
  • Fixed odd purple bit on the splash screen.
  • Fixed graphical glitch on the splash screen.

Known Bugs:

  • Combo pieces should connect to already built puzzles.
  • Creampie is broken, cum is being reworked. [Cum Polish Update]
  • Some dates have broken cum physics, these will be addressed in [Cum Polish Update].
  • Legacy code for foreplay audio mixes up the date vocals, this will be fixed in [Cum Polish Update].
  • Subtitles system missing on main menu, check language support. [Foundation Final Pass]
  • The combo bar wasn't removed on FanFare.
  • Can't connect a grouped piece onto a single piece.
  • Fix jigsaw blue lines in between connected pieces.

Thanks for playing Pieces of my Heart! Be sure to leave a review for the game on our Steam profile and join our growing community on Twitter and Discord!


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Oct 03, 2020

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